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Written Review – Outbreak: Deep Space

What sort of horrors will you find in the deep black of space? Are aliens attacking? Are there some sort of monsters bred from viral outbreaks? In Outbreak: Deep Space you’ll be sucked into a different type of RPG, and when the hull breaches, will anyone hear you scream?

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Written Review – D&D 5th : Out Of The Abyss

Out of the Abyss takes players deep into the Underdark and provides 15 levels of excitement. Explore races such as the Drow, Duergar, and more with this new supplement for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition!

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Carrotia Kickstarter

Carrotia from Mage Company Now Live on Kickstarter

Your carrot supplies are running low and time is dwindling. Now you must brave the wilds and search for more food, all while avoiding the predatory birds that circle overhead! This is the premise for Carrotia, a new cooperative tile-laying game from Mage Company, now on Kickstarter!

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Pathfinder Bestiary 6

Pathfinder’s Bestiary 6 Coming March 2017

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse, twin-headed dragons, the illustrious Green Man – all beings that can be found in the upcoming Bestiary 6 for Pathfinder. It will be releasing in March of 2017 – are you prepared?

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Written Review – Dragon Valley

Lay siege to your enemies in Dragon Valley, with a no-dice combat resolution mechanic, by Game Salute and Diamond K Games

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Hunters Mark Sourcebook

Hunters Mark : Adventure/Sourcebook for D&D 5th by Game Natural on Kickstarter

The time for mundane quests has passed. There are gnarly creatures roaming the countryside and it’s up to you to hunt them down. With The Hunter’s Mark sourcebook for D&D 5th Edition you can take your adventures to the next level, and it’s on Kickstarter now!

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Iron and Ale King of the Keg

Video Review – Iron & Ale: King of the Keg

When one round isn’t enough it’s time to call for another! Or you could just topple the whole keg! That’s the plan with Iron & Ale: King of the Keg, the first expansion for the dwarven drinking game from Tableforged LLC.

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Doom and Bloom SURVIVAL

Video: Doom and Bloom Survival Models

During the original Doom and Bloom: Survival Kickstarter campaign the creators made mention that they would be working to get models for the game. Those models are now a reality, so check them out!

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DND 5th Art

Written Review – Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

One of the greatest tabletop RPGs of all time has been picked up, dusted off, and shone in new light to create an edition that players of all experiences will love. Of course we’re talking about Dungeons & Dragons, and this is 5th edition for you!

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Gen Con 2016 Recap

Gen Con 2016 has officially past, but with it going we had a blast! The convention was so good it’s got us talking in rhymes! Check out our photos, notes, and video recap of this year’s Gen Con event.

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Leaving Your World Behind: New Details on Starfinder

During Gen Con 2016 we got the opportunity to get just a few more details on the Starfinder RPG releasing from Paizo in August of 2017. Learn more of the story and find out just what sort of creatures you’ll find among the stars!

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high command rapid engagement cover

Written Review – High Command: Rapid Engagement

This game may be a smaller package but brings you all out war on the same level that the core game does. Check out Rapid Engagement if you’re a fan of Privateer Press’s world!

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