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Explore the Inner Rooms of the Psyche with Bluebeard’s Bride

It’s your wedding night. Your husband is gone and you’re left with the keys to his mansion. There’s just one catch – you cannot enter a specific room. Your curiosity gets the best of you as you unlock that one door only to turn to terror as you find the bodies of your husband’s previous brides. This is the story of Bluebeard’s Bride, a new tabletop RPG now up on Kickstarter from Magpie Games.

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Interview with Chris Birch from Modiphius Entertainment

Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, John Carter – these are all great titles from one hit company, Modiphius Entertainment! We got the chance to speak with Chris Birch about a few things, including Siege of the Citadel and Stark Trek Adventures, and here’s the interview!

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Written Review – Catan: Explorers and Pirates

Get on board and sail new seas in the world of Catan with Explorers and Pirates! Use Gold to purchase resources and get ahead in the game, but beware pirates and other dastardly fellows from far off lands. Check out our Catan: Explorers and Pirates review!

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Written Review – Why First?

Shoot for the stars, but not too far! You don’t want first in this racing card game, and you do want to be second-best! Check out Why First?! By AEG.

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My Descent Collection – before the first game with the app, I needed to sort everything I owned.

The Five Play Review: Descent: Journeys in the Dark: Road to Legend (Second Edition)

With the success of Mansions of Madness Second Edition I was intrigued to check out Descent: Road to Legend – an app that assumes the role of the Overlord so you can truly enjoy a co-op experience with Descent. This is what I thought after putting the app to the test.

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Written Review – Exile Sun

Eric Martin’s Exile Sun takes you to a life of strife and power struggles. Battle it out in this detailed board game from Game Knight Games and Game Salute.

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Modular Underground Project On Kickstarter, Underground Dungeons Come to Life

Modular gaming terrain that incorporates a unique wall system, connects effortlessly, is lightweight, and follows an underground theme? Sign me up! That’s what you’ll get with the Modular Underground Project from Maki Games, now on Kickstarter.

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Dog Might Introduces The Deck Jacket – On Kickstarter

Keep your playing cards safe and stylish with the Deck Jacket from Dog Might! This customizable card case will carry an entire deck of playing cards as well as double as a dealing and discard tray! Get yours now from Kickstarter!

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Written Review – Booty

When you think about pirates you usually think about the gang sinking ships in search for treasure. Have you ever thought about what happens once the treasure is acquired? How does it get split? Who gets the most? Find out in Booty, a plundering treasure-dividing game from Mayfair!

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Written Review – Empire Engine

Careful decisions will determine the rise and fall of your personal empire and how it manages it’s resources. Check out Empire Engine from Marley and Dunston and AEG.

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Video Review – A.E.G.I.S.

Bring your robots to battle in A.E.G.I.S. from Greenbrier Games and Zephyr Workshop! A wargame in a box, A.E.G.I.S. has players combining robots for mechanical mayhem all while not having to worry about lugging around models or large tables!

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Acquisitions Inc. Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Live at PAX West Recap Video

Last weekend we got to check out an amazing event from PAX West – Acquisitions Incorporated D&D 5th Live! In this video we recap our experience and talk about just how awesome we thought it was.

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