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Folklore The Affliction

Greenbrier Games to Unleash Folklore: The Affliction on Kickstarter Tomorrow

Travel back to a time where evil wandered the land and took up residence in graveyards, manors, castles, and forests. Folklore: The Affliction is a dungeon-crawl board game like you’ve never experienced before, and it’s going up on Kickstarter tomorrow!

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The Others 7 Sins Box Art

Embody A Deadly Sin with The Others: 7 Sins, On Kickstarter

The Others: 7 Sins is a horror board game where heroes fight back against the 7 Deadly Sins to drive them away from Haven, the last city standing in the face of corruption. Now on Kickstarter, this horrific game is now bursting through stretch goals with nightmarish speed.

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deepcut studio plains theme cloth mat

Deep-Cut Studios Plains Cloth Mat – Video Review

Raine sits down to show off the new Plains-themed cloth mat from Deep-Cut Studio! This mat is machine washable, lightweight, and stores easily for when you need a battlefield for your miniatures games.

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Blackout Journey Into Darkness

Dungeon Crawl In A Post-Apocalyptic World with Blackout: Journey Into Darkness

The Event rocked the Earth with little notice. Strange, horrific beings have taken over the old cities, now known as “Black Zones”. Only the strong can travel out into the wasteland to scavenge for supplies. See if you’re strong enough with Blackout: Journey Into Darkness, now on Kickstarter.

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IT Quick News Logo

Quick News April 25 – May 1

Stronghold Games release schedule, preview the next expansion to 12 Realms, Star Wars RPG packs, and thoughts on bringing randomosity to your RPG campaigns. All of this and so much more in this week’s Quick News!

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Kickstarter Preview – Blood Rage

Take an in-depth look at CoolMiniOrNot’s Blood Rage, a new viking miniature game, now on Kickstarter!

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All of my Zombicide that I currently own; I will be getting the rest of the latest Kickstarter stuff in the coming months.

Guest Column: When is Enough Too Much?

When it comes to gaming I think I’m a bit of a collector. With new expansions coming out I feel like I need to grab everything I can. But that brings me to a question: when is too much game, too much game?

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Shadows of Brimstone Cover

Shadows of Brimstone: Entering the Darkness

In Shadows of Brimstone you take the role of an iconic wild west hero and help fight back the darkness leaking out of otherworldly portals! With my game in hand, I wanted to show off my painted models and announce what’s to come with the game.

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IT Quick News Logo

Quick News Nov 8 – Nov 14

Super cute Smash Up expansion, BGGcon, free games, and so much more is happening this week!

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king down

Saar Shai Is Back Again With King Down On Kickstarter

If you like chess but always felt like it was missing something, then you should know about King Down. Take control of one of 4 kingdoms fighting to claim the throne after the King’s death. Saar Shai, creator of The Agents, returns with a new game that is already funded on Kickstarter!

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Stonehaven Miniatures Half Orc Adventurers

Stonehaven Miniatures Wants To Deliver the Half-Orcs For Your Gaming Needs

Stonehaven Miniatures wants to help bring the half-orc miniatures you’ve been looking for to your tabletop. Boasting models with class and ferocity, Stonehaven has already surpassed their funding goal and are working on stretch goals!

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IT Quick News Logo

Quick News August 23rd – August 29th

Your quick news for August 23rd – 29th. Wild West slap duels, X-Wing mission programs, a new Mice & Mystics game, and more!

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