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Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu

Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu Spreading Madness at Gen Con [Gen Con 2016]

Cthulhu and his reign of terror have spread to the Pandemic universe! Releasing this year at Gen Con, Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu will drive players mad while they travel the world attempting to seal back entry ways for the Great Old Ones!

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Knit-Wit Game

Z-Man Games Goes Into Multidistribution, New Trailer Revealed for Knit-Wit

F2Z announces that their whole line of published games – Plaid Hat, Z-Man, and more – will be going into multidistribution in the U.S. Also, a brand new trailer for the social game, Knit-Wit, has releases, showcasing just what the game’s all about!

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dark stories

Video Review – Dark Stories

Join Raine as he shares some macabre tales with Dark Stories from Z-Man Games. In this quick-playing card game players put their investigative skills to the test in trying to decipher exactly what happened with the stories provided via playing cards.

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chinatown zman games

Written Review – Chinatown

Don’t let the cover guy’s face fool you : this brutal game of trading and negotiation will challenge your strategy and keep you on your feet. But will the neighboring businessmen/women thwart your efforts? You’ll only find out in Chinatown!

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Pandemic Legacy Season 1

Pandemic Legacy – Holding Back Disease on an Epic Scale

Do you have what it takes to combat diseases for an entire year? Can you work together and fight back viruses month after month? You’ll need to in Pandemic Legacy, coming soon from Z-Man Games! With newly-released images, we finally see what we’ll expect with the game when it releases at Essen 2015.

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Signage on Capitol Ave

Gen Con 2015 Day 2 Recap – With Kae

Plaid Hat Games and Z-MAN Games merge, Cthulhu action figures, and special figure previews from Flying Frog Productions! Check out Kae’s 2nd day at Gen Con 2015.

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Pandemic The Cure

Written Review – Pandemic: The Cure

Remove the cards, add dice, and up the ante on the stress levels of Pandemic? Z-MAN’s got you covered. Check out Pandemic: The Cure and see what it is all about!

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Z-Man Games Happy Holidays 2014

Z-Man Games Updates/Releases for December 2014

Z-Man Games has released their December newsletter, and it’s got some goodies we can all hope to see in our stockings this year!

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Tragedy Looper cover

Guest Written Review – Tragedy Looper

Tragedy Looper, a game where players travel back in time and try to change fate, is a deduction game that sees one player act as the Mastermind as he/she tries to throw the other players for a loop – literally! A guest review by Mike H.

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Pandemic Survival

Pandemic: Survival World Championship Kicked Off at Gen Con 2014 [Gen Con 2014]

Pandemic: Survival takes the original Pandemic game to the extreme. Face off against other teams of survivors as you try to either be the first to find all four cures or outlast as the last team standing!

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IT Quick News Logo

Quick News June 28 – July 4

Kae shares some small news bits from the gaming world this week, and some news about the upcoming move of the I:T office.

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pandemic legacy

Z-MAN Games Creates A Buzz With Pandemic Legacy

Another Pandemic? This one packs some twists – check out the few details that have been made available about Pandemic Legacy!

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