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Good News From Paizo With A Dash Of Not-So-Good News

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild fans rejoice…and cry just a little bit. A little dose of bad news was given to players, but there were some spoilers that made it a little better!

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Star Trek Attack Wing

Star Trek: Attack Wing Gets 2014 Gen Con Exclusive Pack

The exclusive ships and cards that are being made available for Gen Con attendees will ramp up gamers as they do battle in the corners of the universe of Star Trek.

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Dungeons & Dragons Dice-Building Game Coming Soon From WizKids

WizKids partners with Wizards of the Coast to bring Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters to the table!

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Star Trek Attack Wing banner

WizKids Posts Star Trek: Attack WIng Release Updates

WizKids has adjusted some of the release dates for upcoming ship expansions for Star Trek: Attack Wing, and all the information is finally available to see.

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tyranny of dragons books

Wizards of the Coast Announces Dungeons & Dragons’ Tyranny of Dragons

Many new releases on the horizon with Dungeons & Dragons’ next campaign focused on Tiamat – Tyranny of Dragons.

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WizKids and Asmodee

WizKids and Asmodee Team Up For German Board Game Production

Asmodee and WizKids partner to publish WizKids titles into German.

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Initiative Tabletop Group

Quick News Nov 9 – Nov 15

Good Friday afternoon readers, and welcome to another engaging post about…well, you know. All the stuff we didn’t write regular posts about! The weeks in recent past have been busy, but this week has been especially crazy as we finalize details for Day of Reckoning this weekend, and hope that things settle down a bit […]

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Video Review – Batman:Gotham City Strategy Game

It’s another dark night in Gotham City and you can hear the screams of the innocent as villains roam the street. Who will answer their cries for help? The bat signal lights up in the sky and the criminals tremble knowing what comes next. But does Batman actually hold a chance against your ever growing […]

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