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Video Review – Pathfinder Legends Audio Adventures

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear your favorite iconic Pathfinder character face the trials of the Adventure Paths you’ve played? Well, wonder no more young adventurer, as Paizo and BigFinish have come together to release Pathfinder Legends – a series of audio adventures that chronicle the Adventure Paths put out for the Pathfinder RPG!

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Dog Might Dragon Tray Preview, Now on Kickstarter

Dog Might has announced the Dragon Tray, a customized dice tray that will bring even more adventure to your table. It’s on Kickstarter now, and we got the chance to check one out in a new Kickstarter preview video!

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Acquisitions Inc. Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Live at PAX West Recap Video

Last weekend we got to check out an amazing event from PAX West – Acquisitions Incorporated D&D 5th Live! In this video we recap our experience and talk about just how awesome we thought it was.

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Doom and Bloom SURVIVAL

Video: Doom and Bloom Survival Models

During the original Doom and Bloom: Survival Kickstarter campaign the creators made mention that they would be working to get models for the game. Those models are now a reality, so check them out!

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Gen Con 2016 Recap

Gen Con 2016 has officially past, but with it going we had a blast! The convention was so good it’s got us talking in rhymes! Check out our photos, notes, and video recap of this year’s Gen Con event.

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Knit-Wit Game

Z-Man Games Goes Into Multidistribution, New Trailer Revealed for Knit-Wit

F2Z announces that their whole line of published games – Plaid Hat, Z-Man, and more – will be going into multidistribution in the U.S. Also, a brand new trailer for the social game, Knit-Wit, has releases, showcasing just what the game’s all about!

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Tail Feathers

New Trailer Released for Tail Feathers from Plaid Hat Games

Tail Feathers is a brand new game in the Mice & Mystics world where our familiar heroes take to the skies on the backs of birds to battle predators above the treetops. A brand new trailer has been released for the game, and in it we get to see the game in all its winged glory!

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Chaldea War Room

Chaldea: War Room Now Online For All To See

An old toymaker discovers that his tiny creations serve a bigger purpose than he’d planned as his homeland teeters on the brink of war in Chaldea: War Room, the first part of an epic tale created by Peter Atkinson.

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Meeple Monthly April 2015 Cover

Meeple Monthly: June 2015 Releases

We’re back with another Meeple Monthly Releases video! In this video we go over some of the awesome stuff that’s coming out in the gaming world for June 2015.

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maha yodha cover

Video Review – Maha Yodha

The final version of Maha Yodha has arrived, and we want to share with you how it looks, what it comes with, and a refresher crash-course in how to play this beautiful game of Indian mythology.

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Meeple Monthly February 2015 Cover

Meeple Monthly April Game Releases – Video

After a short hiatus, we’re back with our special video series all about upcoming game releases! That’s right – our Meeple Monthly Game Releases video series is back in action and we’re ready with the April 2015 release schedule. We poured through the magazine and highlighted all the releases for next month that we thought […]

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Gulveig Card Art

How to Play: Fate of the Norns – Gulveig

Ever been confused on how a game plays out? Ever read the rules to a game and still have questions even after the fifth time? We have too! With our How to Play series, we sit down and cover the rules to show you just how a game is played. This time: Fate of the Norns – Gulveig.

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