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dino hunt

Raising A Geekling : Part Five

In Part 5 of this ongoing series, Kae discusses playing Dino Hunt and Feed the Woozle, and has some words about handling disappointment when kids lose games.

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raine and gremlin

Raising A Geekling : Part 1

Kae shares some thoughts on a geekling’s early beginnings and exposure to tabletop gaming with some stories about her own journey with her son.

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munchkin messenger bag

Steve Jackson Games Has A Busy Announcement Week

So many things are coming for Munchkin this fall, and just in time for the holidays. Check out what you can expect to see on the wishlist of the Munchkin fan in your life.

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munchkin loot letter

Munchkin Loot Letter Coming Soon From SJG and AEG

Munchkin Loot Letter, a new skin of AEG’s Love Letter, is coming to stores this fall, and you don’t want to miss it.

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Out Of Print Steve Jackson Games Coming This Summer

A bunch of good news is coming forth from SJG this week! Fans of Steve Jackson Games titles know that because of their popularity, some of the games sell quickly and become out of print. A few of these titles are being re-printed this summer, according to an announcement on The Daily Illuminator. These titles […]

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Hello gamers! We appreciate your understanding as we’ve given writers the week off, but I wanted to create a post to inform readers about the various sales that game companies are doing this week! Many of these sales could be taken advantage of without even leaving your house, meaning more time with family and less […]

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Written Review – Cthulhu Dice

In 2010, Cthulhu and his minions set out to overtake the minds of dice game fans all over the world. The result was Cthulhu Dice, a quick dice game by Steve Jackson Games, the company that brought you Munchkin and Zombie Dice! In Cthulhu Dice, you are trying to steal Sanity from your opponents to […]

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Initiative Tabletop Group

Quick News Nov 9 – Nov 15

Good Friday afternoon readers, and welcome to another engaging post about…well, you know. All the stuff we didn’t write regular posts about! The weeks in recent past have been busy, but this week has been especially crazy as we finalize details for Day of Reckoning this weekend, and hope that things settle down a bit […]

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Initiative Tabletop Group

Quick News Oct 26th – Nov 1

Aww yeah, its Friday! We hope that you are all caught up on the news and reviews we posted this week, and now its time for a quick overview and some other pieces of news that weren’t addressed already. Release Announcements Infinity posted photos on Facebook of their continued line of miniatures featured for release […]

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Zombies Infiltrate GURPS December 2nd

Fans of Steve Jackson Games may very well know about their RPG, the Generic Universal Role Playing system, or GURPS, is in its fourth edition. It has sold over one million copies of the game since its introduction, and has come with many expansions and add-ons. However, something that GURPS has not yet seen is, […]

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Steve Jackson Games Announces Releases For November and December

Steve Jackson Games has been busy with game releases all year long, and with their most recent announcement, they intend to end the year on that same note. Lots of goodies are coming in the last quarter of 2013, from new games, upgrades, and more booster sets for Munchkin. After the most recent announcements of […]

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Steve Jackson Games Introducing Munchkin Tavern Instead Of Capsule Machine [Gen Con 2013]

In previous years, Steve Jackson Games has had a Capsule Machine accompanying their booth at Gen Con.  This capsule contained all sorts of goodies for attendees to acquire, but the booth will not be making an appearance this year. Possibly returning in later years and at other various events, fans needn’t worry for something even […]

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