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Video Review – Pathfinder Legends Audio Adventures

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear your favorite iconic Pathfinder character face the trials of the Adventure Paths you’ve played? Well, wonder no more young adventurer, as Paizo and BigFinish have come together to release Pathfinder Legends – a series of audio adventures that chronicle the Adventure Paths put out for the Pathfinder RPG!

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Pathfinder Card Game Box

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to Be First Product Translated Into Japanese, Releasing First Quarter 2017

Teaming up with Arclight Publishing, Paizo is set to release a Japanese version of two very prevalent Pathfinder products this year!

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Video Review – Pathfinder Pocket Editions

Paizo has released “Pocket Editions” of both Pathfinder’s Core Rulebook and Bestiary, Smaller, more compact, and lightweight, these editions of the core rules make it great for referencing and traveling with the tools you need to play Pathfinder. They also make great gifts for those wanting to get into the game. Check out our video review to take a closer look at the new Pocket Editions from Paizo!

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Relive the Adventures of The Gamers with Syrinscape

Syrinscape has announced two brand new SoundPacks that bring the world of The Gamers right to your tabletop. With the Zombie Orpheus: Shadow’s Dungeon and Mask of Death SoundPacks you can relive the adventures played out by The Gamers in their signature films!

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Pathfinder Bestiary 6

Pathfinder’s Bestiary 6 Coming March 2017

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse, twin-headed dragons, the illustrious Green Man – all beings that can be found in the upcoming Bestiary 6 for Pathfinder. It will be releasing in March of 2017 – are you prepared?

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Paizo Logo Best

Four Pathfinder Members Among Gen Con’s Industry Insider Panels [Gen Con 2016]

Four of Pathfinder’s writers chosen to be among the Gen Con Industry Insider panels presented at Gen Con 2016. Get the inside scoop from some of the best in the business, specifically from one of the top-rated RPG companies in existence!

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Vampire Hunter D Pathfinder

Hundreds of Events Announced for Pathfinder At Gen Con, Vampire Hunter D Comes to the RPG [Gen Con 2016]

Hundreds of events for Pathfinder will be kicking off at Gen Con 2016, and Vampire Hunter D makes his first move into the Pathfinder universe!

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Playbook for Pathfinder Trapdoor

Playbook for Pathfinder Now Available on iPad

The Playbook for Pathfinder is here! Keep all of your characters, adventures, and more in one place with the Playbook app, now available for the iPad.

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Syrinscape Become a Dragon

Syrinscape at UKGE 2016 – Become a Dragon, Catan Sounds, and More

Syrinscape will be at the UK Games Expo 2016 and giving Pathfinder fans the chance to become the mighty Umbral Dragon from the upcoming Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path. They’ll also be debuting brand new sounds for a game that players have enjoyed for years!

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PACG Mummys Mask

Paizo Partners with Gen Con for 3 Years, Ultimate Intrigue Released, Mummy’s Mask Comes to the Adventure Card Game

Paizo announces a new co-sponsorship with Gen Con through 2018, a new base set for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and the release of the highly-anticipated Ultimate Intrigue for Pathfinder!

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pathfinder roleplaying game

Playbook For Pathfinder App From Trapdoor Technologies

A brand new app that condenses all of your needs for Pathfinder is coming in 2016 for Pathfinder! Trapdoor Technologies obtains the license to move forward with official art, rules, and more.

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Obsidian’s Pathfinder Adventures App Launches March 29th

The wait has finally come to an end…Pathfinder Adventures comes to iPad and Android tablet devices at the end of March!

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