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dino hunt

Raising A Geekling : Part Five

In Part 5 of this ongoing series, Kae discusses playing Dino Hunt and Feed the Woozle, and has some words about handling disappointment when kids lose games.

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Raising A Geekling : Part Four

In Part Four of this series, the geekling takes on a game of dexterity while climbing the difficulty ladder in Peaceable Kingdom’s Stack Up! This game involves balance, hand-eye coordination, and varying levels of play for ages 2-5.

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geekling animal upon animal 2

Raising A Geekling : Part Three

Continuing our series about gaming with small kids, Kae discusses more in-depth information on HABA Games’ Animal Upon Animal. Also, some thoughts on matching games, story-telling games, dice, and more.

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animal upon animal

Video Review – Animal Upon Animal

In his debut video, The Geekling joins Kae in discussing HABA Games’ Animal Upon Animal for ages 2+. If you have a small child that you want to educate and bring up in your gaming hobby, check this out!

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So much concentration!

Raising A Geekling : Part Two

Kae discusses games from our childhoods and her geekling’s love of squirrel mischief. Read more in Raising A Geekling : Part Two!

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raine and gremlin

Raising A Geekling : Part 1

Kae shares some thoughts on a geekling’s early beginnings and exposure to tabletop gaming with some stories about her own journey with her son.

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