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Kickstarter Preview – Battle for the Universe: Slab City Beatdown

Coming to Kickstarter on January 10, we’re previewing Battle for the Universe: Slab City Beatdown. Is this the must back game of 2017? With great art and innovative mechanics, you’re going to want to check out our preview to get an in-depth look at this competitive expandable card game.

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ubongo dohdles cover

Mini Review of Dohdles and Ubongo Teaser Games from Gen Con 2015

Today we look at two teaser games we picked up at Gen Con 2015 from Thames & Kosmos, a STEM company with brain-stretching games!

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henchmen cover

Written [P]Review – Henchmen!

Control your Henchmen and send them to do the dirty work! Earn enough ca$h to be the most valued of the bunch. If you don’t do your jobs or you fail them, you’ll have to tell da boss! Check out Henchmen!, a take-that card game coming to Kickstarter later in July 2015.

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Kickstarter Preview – BANE by Gamesicle, LLC

Can you come out as top dog, or will you walk away wounded from the Hunt? Prove your worth as a Vampire, Werewolf, or Super Human in the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of BANE.

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Kickstarter Preview : Dragon War – Riders of Ashara

Get a preview of the models and story basics for Dragon War – Riders of Ashara. This new game will be coming to Kickstarter in late May from Artisan Games and hopes to make its mark on your gaming table.

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MajiMonsters Preview Impressions – Let’s Battle!

Two binders continue their journey to the next city, hoping to help people in need. Along the way they decide to have a battle to test and train their monsters. All of this is happening right on the tabletop with MajiMonsters – the monster catching RPG by Late Knight Games!

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Guest Post: Kickstarter Preview – Burgle Bros.

Chris A takes us through the world of Burgle Bros. in this heist-themed board game, now on Kickstarter. Burgle Bros. shares the same designer as Wok Star and Paperback, and hopes to bring you a co-operative game like you’ve never seen before!

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Kickstarter Preview – Blood Rage

Take an in-depth look at CoolMiniOrNot’s Blood Rage, a new viking miniature game, now on Kickstarter!

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spell stealers header

Written [P]review – Spell Stealers

Want a push-your-luck dice game that gives you some more options that make gives the game more than just luck? Check out Spell Stealers and roll (or steal!) your way to victory and claim a magical spell for your Kingdom. On Kickstarter now!

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Fragged Empire

Fragged Empire Video Preview

Fragged Empire is a new sci-fi space RPG that recently funded via Kickstarter. We happened to find an early copy of the game in some space debris, and decided to show you what it’s like in a preview video!

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Battle at Kembles Cascade

The Battle at Kemble’s Cascade Teaser Posted by Z-Man Games

The Battle at Kemble’s Cascade reignites the old-school arcade side-scrolling shooters by bringing it to your tabletop!

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Winter Tales Powers

Advanced Rules Previewed for Winter Tales, Rulebook Available for Download

In the latest preview for Winter Tales, Fantasy Flight explains the game’s optional advanced rules and offers the official rulebook for download!

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