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Signage on Capitol Ave

Gen Con 2015 Day 2 Recap – With Kae

Plaid Hat Games and Z-MAN Games merge, Cthulhu action figures, and special figure previews from Flying Frog Productions! Check out Kae’s 2nd day at Gen Con 2015.

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Guest Post: Written Review – Red Dragon Inn

Enter the Red Dragon Inn with your wits about you, or you’ll be drunk under the table! And mind your gold…if you run out, the bar wench will throw you out. No gold, no service! Check out this party game with Daekon and see if it is right for your group.

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East Wind Games 3

East Wind Games – Bringing Gaming to the Renaissance Faire

East Wind Games is a company that brings gaming to the Scarborough Renaissance Faire, as well as maintaining a retail shop online. After visiting during my time at the faire, I wanted to share my experience with the community!

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bad decisions

Kickstarter Preview – Bad Decisions

In fiction and reality, human error is frequently a source of entertainment in many instances. Ian Price took advantage of this concept and created a story-telling party game in which you decide what Bad Decision fools make when faced with crisis situations!

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Guest Post: Kickstarter Preview – Salem

Join Chris as he shares details on a new project on Kickstarter called Salem. This deception based card game for 4-12 people will have you suspicious of everyone at your table as you try to identify who is the witch and who isn’t!

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Arkham Nights

Party the Lovecraftian Way with Arkham Nights, Now on Kickstarter

I remember not too long ago when I first got into Lovecraftian horror. I started out with Call of Cthulhu and moved on from there, reading what I could from the mythos. For many gamers, they can share their passion for Lovecraft with others by playing many of the Cthulhu-themed games that exist today. I’m […]

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Iron and Ale

Video Review – Iron & Ale

Do you have what it takes to become the roughest, toughest, most awesome dwarven lord in all the land? Fancy making bets and challenging other dwarven lords down at the tavern? If so, Iron & Ale is the perfect game for you! A drinking game for 3-8 players, Iron & Ale has all the fun!

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cards and punishment

Written Review – Cards & Punishment

Do you need more Cards Against Humanity material in your life? Another unofficial set of cards is now available to further determine how horrible you and your friends really are.

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