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Warmachine Battle Report – Cryx vs Khador 15pt Duel: Test Your Might

Khador takes on Cryx in our first Warmachine Battle Report! This skirmish is set at 15pts and metal clashes against metal with The Butcher of Khardov putting his forces against Warwitch Deneghra and her terrifying bone ‘jacks!

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Day of Reckoning Coverage 2013

This past weekend, gamers converged at The Common Room in Bloomington, IN for a big day of miniature fun. Local efforts made an event called Day of Reckoning in which players of both Warmachine and Hordes came to play and meet other gamers. Throughout the day, those who attended had the chance to win prizes […]

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Privateer Press Warmachine Previews 11/08/13

Privateer Press has just released some new Warmachine previews this week. The company is continuing to push forward with releases for both Retribution of Scyrah and Convergence of Cyriss, though we get to see something special this week: a previously limited-edition sculpt of The Butcher.  It looks like there will be new warcasters all around, […]

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Cryx Art

Change of Heart – Switching Factions in Warmachine

When I first started playing Warmachine over a year ago, I got into it like I’ve done with previous games: as a collector. I decided that I wanted to pick up as many armies as I could to play them all, and have extras for other people who come to play with me. Unfortunately things […]

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The RAM Gen Con 2013 Privateer Press

The RAM Restaurant and Brewery Hosting Warmachine Giveaway for Gen Con [Gen Con 2013]

Here at the office, we’re all big fans of Warmachine and Hordes, the miniature wargame developed by Privateer Press. Whether you like busting up beasts with giant trolls or manhandling dudes with 10-ton steam-powered ‘jacks, both Warmachine and Hordes has enough excitement for everyone. Sharing in this love for all things epic, the RAM Restaurant […]

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Warmachine Tactics

Warmachine: Tactics Kickstarter Now Live, Stats for Exclusive Models Available for Download

Earlier we touched on an announcement made by Privateer Press stating that they were going to be launching a Kickstarter to fund their newest project: Warmachine: Tactics. Well that Kickstarter is now live, and in just over a day it’s nearly reached its funding goal of $550,000. The campaign still has 29 days to go, […]

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Privateer Press Summer Sale

Warmachine and Hordes Summer Sale Now Going on at Privateer Press

Summer’s finally here and that means it’s perfect timing to get your wargame on with Warmachine and Hordes. Whether you’re keen to steam-powered robots that brawl on the battlefield or teams of beasts who rip through opponents like butter, Privateer Press has got you covered. They’ve just announced their Summer Sale, with bundles scattered across […]

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Circle Orboros Hordes

A Different Strategy – Circle Orboros vs Khador

Through the mist, she can see their opponents. Reassuring the pack and forcing their attention, they charge head-first onto the battlefield. Her hatred for the enemy intensifies as the ground shakes below them, and the mechanical whirs get louder. Kommander Sorscha and her Khador Warjacks have infiltrated the Circle’s turf for the last time. Their […]

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