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Warmachine Battle Report Featured Image

Warmachine Battle Report – Cryx vs Khador 15pt Duel: Test Your Might

Khador takes on Cryx in our first Warmachine Battle Report! This skirmish is set at 15pts and metal clashes against metal with The Butcher of Khardov putting his forces against Warwitch Deneghra and her terrifying bone ‘jacks!

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Bane Thralls Warmachine

Warmachine – What is a Unit?

Welcome back to another Warmachine guide post! We’ve already talked about warcasters and warjacks, so now it’s time to highlight yet another important cog an any Warmachine army – units! Units are groups of infantry-level models that activate together on the battlefield. Some units act as cannon fodder, while other units are like well-oiled machines […]

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Miniature Games – There are expected to be painted (Fire Storm Armada, Hordes &Drop Zone Commander).

Guest Post: To Paint or Not to Paint – That is the Question!

Painting models… It’s one of the things I don’t excel at. But these days it’s popular to have all of your gaming models painted up nicely. The question is, should I or shouldn’t I?

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Shadows of Brimstone – This game has still a huge following with my game group and I am not going to skip a chance to play it!

The Plan – Part 39: The Same Old Excuses

No new games off the list this week, but fun games played nonetheless. I need to bust out some old games, blow the dust off of them, and get them to the table!

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Clash for a Cure 2014

Clash for a Cure 2014 Rolling Out in September

Clash for a Cure will be coming to Texas again this September, allowing you to play two great games and raise money for a great cause!

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New Pins For The Chibi Fan In You From Privateer Press

Grossly cute and fierce chibi versions of your favorite Warlocks and Warcasters from Warmachine and Hordes are coming soon!

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PP Summer Sale 2014

Privateer Press Summer Sale Begins Now!

A pretty awesome sale is going on over at Privateer Press right now, and its worth a peek if you’re into their games, or looking to get into them.

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lylyth pin

Pins Coming Soon For Privateer Press Fans

That’s right – Privateer Press pins are coming in June of 2014.

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Privateer Press: Cephalyx Models Now Available, Iron Gauntlet Promo Video Released

The Cephalyx have come out of hiding and are now available for you to field in Warmachine! Also, the new promo video for the Iron Gauntlet 2014 has been revealed!

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Warmachine Vengeance

Warmachine: Vengeance Now Available

Warmachine: Vengeance adds new fluff along with details on new warcasters, solos, units, and ‘jacks for each of the game’s factions.

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Privateer Press Announces Vengeance Release Event and War Room Updates

With the new WARMACHINE : Vengeance book being released soon, an event has been announced to celebrate! This WARMACHINE only event encourages players to gather together for some casual wargaming. This event will bring the armies of the Mercenaries, Khador, Scyrah, Cryx, Menoth, Cyriss, and Cygnar to the battlefield, with the opportunity to win some […]

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Iron Kingdoms Excursions

Iron Kingdoms Excursions Coming From Skull Island

Fans of WARMACHINE will be pleased to have more to read on the exploration of the world of Immoren with Skull Island’s most recent release. A series called Iron Kingdoms Excursions will feature monthly volumes of stories, each containing a short story about 3 different factions. The first volume will include stories centering around Cygnar, […]

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