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Brendan SoB Posse

Back to Brimstone – Completing My Set

After spending a lot of time – and money – on Shadows of Brimstone from its original Kickstarter I decided that the game needed to be completed and upgraded. With some spare time I painted up the models, accessorized, and got the game back to the table with some flair!

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Miniature Games – There are expected to be painted (Fire Storm Armada, Hordes &Drop Zone Commander).

Guest Post: To Paint or Not to Paint – That is the Question!

Painting models… It’s one of the things I don’t excel at. But these days it’s popular to have all of your gaming models painted up nicely. The question is, should I or shouldn’t I?

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Gen Con Art 2014

Gen Con Partners with Games & Gears to Release Exclusive Gen Con 2014 Items [Gen Con 2014]

Games & Gears will be the official Miniature Hobby Events partner for Gen Con 2014, and together both the company and Gen Con will be releasing two exclusive items just for the event!

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Army Painter Logo

Army Painter to Release Paint Sets for Zombicide

Army Painter teams up with Cool Mini or Not to provide paint sets for Zombicide that will be available at Gen Con 2014!

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Citadel Typhus Corrosion Technical Paint

Games Workshop Citadel Typhus Corrosion Paint Review

The Citadel technical line of paints are designed to help add all sorts of visual effects to your models. Whether you’re wanting a glow, a corrosion effect,  dripping of blood, or even some cracked earth, the new technical line has you covered. Games Workshop released these paints fairly recently and they’ve already become a hit […]

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Reaper Master Series Paints

Reaper Miniatures Releases New Master Series Paints

As a model painter there are a lot of tools that I need to have at my disposal. I need to make sure I have sturdy, strong brushes, a well-cleaned water container, a nice surface to paint on, palettes that can stand up to wear and tear, and of course, reliable paints. I’ve recently been […]

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Games Workshop logo

Games Workshop Wrapping Up Christmas Sales and Shipping

For Warhammer fans, tonight at midnight starts the end of Games Workshop’s Christmas shipping program to get your products by the holiday. For folks in Australia, tonight at midnight ends your possibility to get anything by Christmas. For players in North America, you can still place orders up until midnight tomorrow to get express shipping. […]

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Corner Terrain Close

To Buy or To Build: Wargaming Terrain

You’ve finally gotten all of your models assembled, and just finished detailing the paint on the last one. Your miniatures are primed and ready for war, and you’re ready to get them to the table. Looking at what you’ve got, even with a battle mat things can look a bit two-dimensional. You could really bring […]

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To Buy or To Build: The Battlemat

You have purchased your first miniature war game. All the minis have been primed and painted, but what are you going to play on? Is it better to buy a nice battlemat, or to build one to suit your needs? Recently, we decided to delve into this subject. Having just started playing MERCS, we have […]

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Grand Scrutator Severius

WARMACHINE: Painting Grand Scrutator Severius

Well here’s something new! I’ve been playing Warmachine for a while and at Gen Con I finally got the chance to add to my armies a bit, as we’ve only been able to play with the two-player Battle Box for the most part. When I first started Warmachine I was really into Protectorate of Menoth, […]

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Megalith Games Announces Warpainter Contests

Fans of Megalith Games’ Godslayer miniature line may be interested in their latest website announcement. A new section of the website is dedicated to something called The Warpainter Contest.  Gamers may now submit photos of their painted miniatures to be displayed on the website, with the possibility of earning credits usable on Megalith Games products. […]

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Updated Mice And Mystics Miniatures Painting

Back in January, I shared with you all the progress I had made in painting the figures that come with Mice and Mystics. These figures are wonderfully sculpted on their own and are fun to play with as they come, but painting them brings the game to a new level of reality. My first adventure […]

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