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Brendan MERCS Recon

The Five Play Review: Mercs Recon

Mercs: Recon is a cooperative adventure board game from the company that brought us Myth and the Mercs tabletop wargame. Strategy is quite important in this office dungeon-crawl, but is the game worth the long delay backers have put up with? Check out my thoughts in this Five Play Review!

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mercs boxes

MERCS: Recon on Kickstarter

MERCS: Recon is a fully cooperative and tactical board game set in a science fiction future. The game is live on Kickstarter now.

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To Buy or To Build: The Battlemat

You have purchased your first miniature war game. All the minis have been primed and painted, but what are you going to play on? Is it better to buy a nice battlemat, or to build one to suit your needs? Recently, we decided to delve into this subject. Having just started playing MERCS, we have […]

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Thoughts On MYTH [Gen Con 2013] Demo

Early this year, the people at MERCS introduced a Kickstarter for a brand new kind of game, MYTH. This develop-your-own-hero board game with the promise of a horde of miniatures funded at just under $1 million in April. Its anticipation was seen by the sheer number of people wanting to demo the game, as the […]

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