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Written Review – Catan: Explorers and Pirates

Get on board and sail new seas in the world of Catan with Explorers and Pirates! Use Gold to purchase resources and get ahead in the game, but beware pirates and other dastardly fellows from far off lands. Check out our Catan: Explorers and Pirates review!

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Written Review – Booty

When you think about pirates you usually think about the gang sinking ships in search for treasure. Have you ever thought about what happens once the treasure is acquired? How does it get split? Who gets the most? Find out in Booty, a plundering treasure-dividing game from Mayfair!

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Written Review – The Grand Austria Hotel

It all comes down to the schnitzel in Grand Austria Hotel from Mayfair Games. Can you plan your strategy to fill guest orders, place guests in rooms, and make sure you keep the favor of the emperor to come out on top? Take a look with this review!

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twilight creations zombies

Mayfair Games Acquires Twilight Creations, Publisher of Zombies!!!

Twilight Creations and Mayfair Games merge, bringing a big future for Zombies!!! and other games.

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Written Review – Lords of Vegas: UP!

Ed re-opens the doors to your favorite gambling game by taking a detailed look at Lords of Vegas: UP!, the expansion to Lords of Vegas. Will it bring your game to new levels? Read this review to find out!

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Patchwork Cover

Written Review – Patchwork

It’s time to put your quilt-making skills to the test with Patchwork from Mayfair Games! Place patches appropriately to earn buttons and out-quilt your opponent to become the master seamster/seamstress. Learn more about this two-player game in our review!

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Hot Tin Roof cover

Written Review – Hot Tin Roof

Race across the city rooftops in Hot Tin Roof as you try and get your feline companions together to earn precious fish. Hoard your food and have the most by the end of the game to be the Top Cat in town, but beware of your hungry feline opponents!

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catan ancient egypt

Catan: Ancient Egypt Coming In November

Mayfair Games releases news that an Ancient Egypt skin of the classic Catan is coming in November of this year. With a Help of the Gods mode, players can introduce a variety of abilities into the game to get ahead of their opponents.

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catan anytime

Catan Anytime Now Available

Catan. Online. Anytime. Mayfair Games pulls Catan Anytime out of Beta and launches it for public use! Check it out!

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Kae’s Guide To The Settlers of Catan

I:T’s Lady of Catan shares some of her secrets about the game, all the while keeping the humor alive – it is just a game, after all!

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Mayfair Games Logo

GTM and Mayfair Games Bringing Free Game Expansions

Expansions for some of your favorite Mayfair Games titles are coming soon in an issue of GTM!

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Asgard's Chosen

Asgard’s Chosen – Video Review

Jacob Reviews Asgard’s Chosen!

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