The Battle of Hoth Previewed for Star Wars: The Card Game

The Battle for Hoth Star Wars the Card Game

One of the first thoughts that come to mind when I think Star Wars, aside from the iconic characters of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, is the first time I ever spotted an AT-AT. These hulking machines were made to wage war and did so in a slow, yet devastating way. I remember the rumbling of the ground beneath the AT-AT’s massive feet as it trudged through the snow on Hoth, and also the magnificent teamwork of the Speeder pilots that brought one of these monsters down to the turf.

Rogue Leader Star Wars the Card Game

The upcoming Force Pack for Star Wars: The Card Game, The Battle of Hoth, introduces both the AT-AT and Speeder for the first time in the game. Players will be able to put Rogue Leader to the test, and work to field their team of Speeders to help take out the threats closing in on the icy planet. In the preview posted by Fantasy Flight today, we find out that Rogue Leader comes with an objective set that’s completely built around a new Speeder synergy.

We didn’t get to see anything about the AT-ATs, though I imagine they’ll come marching in the next preview. For more information on the new Speeder synergies objective set, check out the post on the Fantasy Flight page. The Battle for Hoth is on the way, though Fantasy Flight didn’t list a specific date on when we could expect it. Either way, man your Speeders and get ready to take the fight to The Empire!

New FAQ and Tournament Rules Posted for Star Wars: The Card Game

Star Wars The Card Game Death Star

Fantasy Flight Games has just posted a brand new FAQ and Tournament Rules for Star Wars: The Card Game. Gen Con Indy, happening next month, will host the first North American Championships for the game. In anticipation for the event, as noted by the developers, Fantasy Flight has updated the FAQ for the game as well as the Tournament Rules. Of course, with the new expansions releasing these documents would have needed to be updated anyway.

The biggest changes will be found in the Tournament Rules, where the scoring system for Swiss rounds has been adjusted. Tie breakers for elimination rounds have also been changed. Based on some feedback Fantasy Flight received during the Regionals Championship, they’ve edited the tiebreakers, as the community has said they were “far too significant”.

Also in the new edition of the Tournament Rules, you’ll find that each game is now worth four points, allowing each player to amass eight points per match. With the earlier rules, players would be able to shake off not winning straight out and splitting between 4-0 and 3-2. Then they’d play it safe to get the split and tiebreaker point to win the match. With the new rules, a player who wishes to use this strategy will have to think about the difference between the 8-0 result and a 5-4 result.

More information is included in the Tournament Rules, including concerns about the length of the game when it comes to elimination game rounds. The FAQ is in much better condition than before, and offers more definition on terms that were seen in the previous version. If you plan to take part in the Championship at Gen Con next month, you’ll definitely need both of these documents, so go get them!

Ain’t That Some Crit? Episode 4 Posted – Card Games

Aint That Some Crit Logo

It’s been a while, but we’re back! In this fourth episode we talk about card games – all kinds, save for deck building games because we’ve already done that! Card games are a lot of fun whether they’re trading card games, living gard games, or short little pick-up games that can be played rather quickly.

Talked about in this episode:

We thank you for listening, and hope you enjoy this episode! Next month will be a doozy, as we’ll be hosting our Gen Con wrapup. Make sure you tune in for that!

Download: Episode 4 – Card Games

Fantasy Flight Announces Balance of the Force Deluxe Expansion for Star Wars: The Card Game

Balance of the Force Star Wars Card Game

Times are changing in the galaxy. As you embark on new missions and fight to keep the side of the Force tipping in your favor you’ll have undoubtedly made some connections on your way. Because of these connections, it’s not always the case that you’ll walk into situations alone anymore. Maybe you’ll have a bodyguard to protect you? Maybe you’ll have a powerful Sith lord watching you from the shadows?

In the new deluxe expansion for Star Wars: The Card Game announced by Fantasy Flight, you’ll no longer have to take on missions alone. Balance of the Force introduces brand new cards, rules, and for the first time in the game, a two-versus-two format. This new format allows you to team up with a friend and go head-to-head against a pair of opponents, and the new challenge deck allows for up to three friends to take on a singular, powerful foe.

Balance of the Force Cards

Six new objective sets will be included in the deluxe expansion, and with them come new units and tactics. Fantasy Flight is calling Balance of the Force “the multiplayer expansion” for the game, and designer Nate French elaborates on that just a bit for us:

Balance of the Force, the multiplayer deluxe expansion for Star Wars: The Card Game was a project that grew in the making. The original vision was to allow two to three light side players to join forces against a single powerful dark side player. It was an exciting vision for the product, but as we started developing it, we began to realize that the game’s multiplayer format also held the potential to bring even more to the game.

“Instead of only allowing the light side to play as a team,” we asked in early development talks, “why not enable team play for both light side and dark side?” Once that question was on the table, everything else fell quickly into place.

Nate talks more about the different formats included in the expansion, and goes into more detail on the Fantasy Flight post. The challenge deck scenarios will enable a single player to take on either a two- or three-player team of opponents. The challenge deck itself will be a powerful, singular deck that is run by the player who is against the team. The two decks included in Balance of the Force will be Jerjerrod’s Task and The Hunt for Skywalker.

In Jerjerrod’s Task, the dark side player works to complete a second Death Star, while the light side players work to sunder the project.

Jerjerrods Task Balance of the Force

The Hunt for Skywalker sees the dark side players attempting to locate Luke Skywalker while the light side player is looking to help Luke hide away.

Hunt for Skywalker Balance of the Force

When the developers were coming up with the challenge decks, they also were working on new rules that allowed teammates to work together. They came up with a “common reserve” that enables players to pass a card between teammates, and both support attack and defense mechanics will allow players to support each other in combat. Balance of the Force will introduce brand new ruleset for both playing and deck building for the new formats, so players won’t have to worry about being confused out of the gate. I think these new formats will definitely help the game grow, and I just may give it a try myself. The only bad thing about Balance of the Force is the wait until the fourth quarter of this year when it releases!

A Dark Time Previewed for Star Wars: The Card Game

A Dark Time Force Pack

Nate French commented during his introduction to the dark side affiliations of Star Wars: The Card Game saying that each of the game’s six affiliations has its own core philosophies and beliefs. The Hoth Cycle, the current set of Force Packs available for the game, is exploring new territory within the game, and during this exploration it reinforces those core beliefs about each affiliation.

What does this mean for the game? Well, it means that while the cycle’s Force Packs offer new objective sets and provide all the dark side affiliations with new methods to combat and defeat the Rebellion, the Imperial Navy’s objective sets continue to reinforce the affiliation’s aggressive approach on just about everything. As players look at the cards presented in the Pack, they’ll see what Nate was talking about when he said, “The Imperial Navy provides the dark side player with a hyper-aggressive approach that takes the fight directly to his opponent.”

A Dark Time Force Pack Cards

It’s definitely a dark time for the Rebellion as the Imperial Navy’s fleet of Star Destroyers descend upon Hoth, and while the main objective set built around A Dark Time for the Rebellion doesn’t necessarily include Star Destroyers, it does include comprehensive and intimidating cards that will definitely unsettle your opponent. In the latest preview posted by Fantasy Flight, we learn more about just how the dark side affiliations try to get the Death Star dial to 12, including some of the more aggressive ways they make their approach, and you can see more details on the original post.

A Dark Time is coming soon, though Fantasy Flight didn’t specify a timeframe. The next preview for the Force Pack will undoubtedly show how the Jedi use the Force to topple the dark side’s ambitions over on their heads, and that will be interesting. No matter your affiliation, the action is centered on Hoth and you’ll be right in the middle of it.

Season Two Game Night Kits Available for Pre-order from Fantasy Flight

Netrunner Game Night Kit Season Two

The Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play schedule is already gearing up for Season Two of 2013, and that means the Season Two Game Night Kits will be arriving shortly. Fantasy Flight has just announced that retailers can pre-order their Season Two Kits as of right now. The Game Night Kits allow retailers to host their own Organized Play events for all sorts of Fantasy Flight games.

In order to grab a Game Night Kit, retailers will have to order through Fantasy Flight’s B2B store by May 24th. The Kits will then ship this July, so you’ve just over a couple of weeks to get the news to your local favorite game store. Each kit offers exclusive materials specific to the game it represents, and what’s included will surely help inspire your local community to come out and play.

Season Two Game Night Kits will be available for the following games:

If you want to take advantage of getting some exclusive stuff for your game, make sure you let your local game store know about these kits. How do you help get involved, you ask? Well if this is your kind of gig, just encourage your friends to join you and play at your local game store, ask your local game store to post a sign-up sheet, offer to run some demos, and volunteer your services as an event organizer. All these things will help ensure you’ll grab one of these Game Night Kits and see how awesome Organized Play really is.