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Trouble in Tharbad Comes To The Ring-maker Cycle

Tasked by the White Wizard to gather information, Middle Earth’s heroes set out to find its carrier. However, Nalir the Dwarf has gotten himself twisted into a tricky situation. You must help him escape alive, with the help of your fellow heroes. The third adventure pack in the Ring-maker Cycle for LotR LCG is announced.

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LotR The Road Darkens Cover

The Road Darkens, a New Saga Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Announced

The Road Darkens is a new Saga Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. In this expansion players will see Frodo and his Fellowship through events during the second half of The Fellowship of the Ring.

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First Adventure Pack In The Ring-maker Cycle For LotR LCG Announced

Building on the work done in The Voice of Isengard chapter, players continue to battle the dark forces that are crawling out from the depths of Mordor. The next cycle is called The Ring-maker, with the first chapter, The Dunland Trap. The hero Silvan trait is getting some attention in this deck, as well as […]

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Lord of the Rings Card Game Organized Play Game Nights

Season one of the 2014 Organized Play Game Nights from Fantasy Flight will be seeing your local game store soon! Beginning in March of 2014, you can adventure through Middle Earth with your friends or make new ones as you fight Sauron’s forces for the freedom of all its’ peoples. Game night kits bring new […]

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FFG Organized Play

Fantasy Flight Games Announces New 2014 Tournament and Game Night Kits

For anyone who enjoys the smash-hit games from Fantasy Flight, one of the best things to do is jump into organized play. Through organized play gamers can meet and befriend other players, learn new strategies for their games, see some of the components they may not have, and get the chance to win some exclusive […]

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Getting a Peek Into Voice of Isengard Expansion

In August, Fantasy Flight Games announced the next expansion in The Lord of the Rings LCG as The Voice of Isengard, and now have done their preview. Like previous expansions, The Voice of Isengard will come with three new scenarios, as well as new encounters for your Heroes to brave. In this set, players will […]

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Print On Demand Scenario – The Stone of Erech Now Available

At Gen Con 2013, Fantasy Flight Games introduced a stand-alone scenario for The Lord of the Rings : The Card Game called The Stone of Erech. Now, the folks at FFG have made this pack available via their Print On Demand program. For those that don’t know, their Print on Demand program produces decks as […]

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The Black Riders Saga Expansion Invades Stores

Though the game saw a small window of opportunity to be picked up early from Fantasy Flight Games’ booth at Gen Con Indy 2013, The Black Riders expansion has been unavailable until now. The next saga expansion in which you must move quickly to get the ring out of the Shire, no longer safe due […]

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