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Video Review – Pathfinder Legends Audio Adventures

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear your favorite iconic Pathfinder character face the trials of the Adventure Paths you’ve played? Well, wonder no more young adventurer, as Paizo and BigFinish have come together to release Pathfinder Legends – a series of audio adventures that chronicle the Adventure Paths put out for the Pathfinder RPG!

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Dungeon Mini, The First Real-Time Action Board Game for Tablets, Now on Kickstarter

French-based developer Ynnis bridges the gap between board games and video games with Dungeon Mini – the first real-time action board game on tablets. Minis come to life in-game as you adventure your way through a unique storyline full of wonder. The game is now being funded on Kickstarter, where you can pledge to help develop it further!

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Dog Might Dragon Tray Preview, Now on Kickstarter

Dog Might has announced the Dragon Tray, a customized dice tray that will bring even more adventure to your table. It’s on Kickstarter now, and we got the chance to check one out in a new Kickstarter preview video!

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Modular Underground Project On Kickstarter, Underground Dungeons Come to Life

Modular gaming terrain that incorporates a unique wall system, connects effortlessly, is lightweight, and follows an underground theme? Sign me up! That’s what you’ll get with the Modular Underground Project from Maki Games, now on Kickstarter.

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Dog Might Introduces The Deck Jacket – On Kickstarter

Keep your playing cards safe and stylish with the Deck Jacket from Dog Might! This customizable card case will carry an entire deck of playing cards as well as double as a dealing and discard tray! Get yours now from Kickstarter!

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Dog Might Games and Initiative : Tabletop Team Up for Con Discounts [Origins 2016] [Gen Con 2016]

In appreciation for our fans and followers, we’ve teamed up with Dog Might to offer a sweet coupon that you can use at their booth for Origins and Gen Con 2016!

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gamefolio system

Gamefolio System On Kickstarter

Check out this nifty transportation and storage system for all of your tabletop needs! Wookie approved.

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Blood Rage Organizer

Video Review – The Broken Token Blood Rage Organizer

Looking for a great way to organize all of your viking glory in Blood Rage from CoolMiniOrNot? Take a look at the Blood Rage organizer from The Broken Token!

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pathfinder roleplaying game

Playbook For Pathfinder App From Trapdoor Technologies

A brand new app that condenses all of your needs for Pathfinder is coming in 2016 for Pathfinder! Trapdoor Technologies obtains the license to move forward with official art, rules, and more.

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Dog Might Games Dragon Sheath

Video Review – The Dragon Sheath by Dog Might Games

The Dragon Sheath – a brand new custom gaming accessory from Dog Might Games – is now live on Kickstarter. Protect your dice, miniatures, and more in a compact and customized wooden home, complete with awesome designs that match your personality. Check it out in our video review!

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Obsidian’s Pathfinder Adventures App Launches March 29th

The wait has finally come to an end…Pathfinder Adventures comes to iPad and Android tablet devices at the end of March!

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card caddy sizes and add ons

The Card Caddy Expands Sizes And Adds Accessories

Portable deck boxes, complete with discard trays, are up on Kickstarter in various sizes with some amazing stretch goals! Check out The Card Caddy and see if it could enhance your card game!

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