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Written Review – Exile Sun

Eric Martin’s Exile Sun takes you to a life of strife and power struggles. Battle it out in this detailed board game from Game Knight Games and Game Salute.

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Written Review – Dragon Valley

Lay siege to your enemies in Dragon Valley, with a no-dice combat resolution mechanic, by Game Salute and Diamond K Games

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box art

Written Review – Epic Death!

Staying alive is great and all, but the greatest tales that go down in history feature heroes that suffer the most epic of deaths. That is exactly your goal in Epic Death!, and Daekon walks you through just how to do that.

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fidelitas cover

Written Review – Fidelitas

Enter the not-well-known city of Fidelitas and organize the people to overthrow the politicians! Just don’t spend too much time at the Tavern drinking – that’s why they need you in the first place. Check out Fidelitas by Green Couch Game, a card game of manipulation and placement.

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You've got to assign your workers carefully!

Written Review – Fantasy Frontier

Have you ever wanted to embark on a journey aboard a fantastic airship? In Fantasy Frontier from Gamelyn Games you can do just that! Earn resources, build Townships, shoot cannons at your opponents, and more all while trying to amass Victory Points in this fun worker placement game!

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battle of red cliffs cover

Written Review – The Battle of Red Cliffs

A mahjong variant called Tien Zi Que is given new light in The Battle of Red Cliffs by Sunrise Tornado Game Studio. Brought to life through Kickstarter, players collect and score cards in a “set collection” mechanic over a series of rounds to create a Master Set of cards for end game scoring. The amount […]

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Written Review – Ancient Terrible Things

Terrible secrets haunt these lands. A group of adventurers has been sent out by riverboat into a deep jungle in pursuit of fame and glory. Will they uncover the truth, or will the Terrible Things claim them forever? Find out in our review of Ancient Terrible Things!

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king's forge cover

Written Review – King’s Forge

Heat up your forge to craft the finest items to show off and become the next King’s Forge! This dice/worker placement game from Nick Sibicky is hard to find but worth the hunt. Check out our thoughts on this Kickstarter success!

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king's forge 2nd edition and expansion

King’s Forge Returns To Kickstarter With An Expansion And New Edition

Return to your anvil with the help of an apprentice to take your place as the head Forgemaster of the kingdom! Second edition of King’s Forge, as well as a new expansion, is up on Kickstarter now and needs your help!

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Scrumbrawl – Video Review

Enter the ring in Scrumbrawl, as Jacob shows you the ropes.

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Colossal Cave Cover

Written Review – Colossal Cave

Legend tells of Colossal Cave, a place of wonder, magic, and treasure! Do you have the guts to traverse the many rooms of the cave to bring back treasure of unforeseen riches?

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nothing personal

Expansions For Nothing Personal Now On Kickstarter

Popular gangster game, Nothing Personal, is back with expansions and a second printing of the core game and is live on Kickstarter now.

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