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Obsidian’s Pathfinder Adventures App Launches March 29th

The wait has finally come to an end…Pathfinder Adventures comes to iPad and Android tablet devices at the end of March!

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Tabletopia – A Digital Platform for Tabletop Games Now Live on Kickstarter

Tabletopia is a brand new platform that brings our favorite board games to the digital screen. Play games like Terra Mystica, Samurai, and more all through using a user-friendly platform. Tabletopia is now up on Kickstarter, and nearly funded!

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game App Debuting at PAX Prime

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is making its way to a digital platform, and Obsidian Entertainment is behind the whole deal. This coming weekend at PAX Prime attendees will get a first-hand look at the game as well as a chance to be some of the first to play it!

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Video Review – Golem Arcana: Ashmogh, Urugal Colossus

Want to strike terror in the hearts of your enemies? Check out the Ashmogh colossus golem for the Urugal faction in Golem Arcana. Learn about how it sacrifices its own health while he tears down his opponents’, and then feasts on allies to recover.

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star realms gambit

Star Realms Digital Gambit Expansion Releases Today

Take your games farther in the Gambit expansion now available for the digital version of Star Realms. Check out what the expansion adds and rethink your strategy!

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The new menu screen is beautiful.

Harebrained Schemes Releases a Plethora of New Features for Golem Arcana

Harebrained Schemes unleashed a handful of updates to the Golem Arcana app, including ones that let you build your own scenarios, add a custom banner to your army, and much more!

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Shadows of Esteren Occultism Book

New Video Game, Accessories, Books, and More Announced for Shadows of Esteren

Some exciting things are happening for Shadows of Esteren. The game will be receiving a brand new thema book, a video game, a Bestiary, and even a cookbook!

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Golem Arcana Logo

The World of Golem Arcana Continues To Grow

New features are quickly on their way to the world of Golem Arcana, including a campaign that will make the game the first tabletop MMO. Check out the new features coming in December as well as a schedule of upcoming map expansions and new faction releases!

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Get your Share on!

New Feature On Its Way to Solforge: Sharing

Coming mid-November to SolForge will be Sharing – a new feature that lets players share their purchased cards with friends and help expand each other’s collection!

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world of yo ho

World of Yo-Ho! A Game That Turns Your Smart Phone Into A Ship

Discover the World of Yo-Ho, and what your smart phone can unlock, with this latest release from iELLO. Project is funding on Kickstarter until November 28th, so secure your space on the seven seas!

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Ultimum: A Multi-Platform Tabletop RPG on Kickstarter

Science Fiction RPG, Ultimum, hopes to bring the best of the tabletop and digital worlds together for the ultimate RPG experience. Including races such as Asaborn Bear Warlords. That’s right. Check out this project, on Kickstarter until December 13th.

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Roll20 Logo

Roll20 Releases Third Quarter Report on Gaming Popularity

If you’ve ever wondered how popular various tabletop games are doing in the digital world, you won’t need to wonder much longer. Roll20 introduces The Orr Group as it reports on game popularity through its platform.

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