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Season 3

Zombicide Organizers From The Broken Token

Seasons 1-3 now have official organizers thanks to The Broken Token! Check out their features and how to get them!

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Rum & Bones Box

Any Port in A Storm – Rum & Bones First Impressions

Rum & Bones, a new MOBA-style miniatures game from CoolMiniorNot, has finally hit our table. After busting it out and tossing a few enemies overboard to be keelhauled, I put together my first impressions of what it had to offer.

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The Others 7 Sins Box Art

Embody A Deadly Sin with The Others: 7 Sins, On Kickstarter

The Others: 7 Sins is a horror board game where heroes fight back against the 7 Deadly Sins to drive them away from Haven, the last city standing in the face of corruption. Now on Kickstarter, this horrific game is now bursting through stretch goals with nightmarish speed.

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cool mini or not

CoolMiniOrNot Splits Ways With Soda Pop Miniatures

Some companies are granted the unique opportunity to gain the support of an already established company to get on their feet. Soda Pop Miniatures did just that when they joined CMoN to produce Super Dungeon Explore and Relic Knights. An announcement was made yesterday that the collaboration between Cool Mini Or Not and Soda Pop […]

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Arcadia Quest

Arcadia Quest Rulebook Posted, Painting Tutorial and More

The rulebook has been posted for Arcadia Quest, and in the updates you’ll find more treasures such as a painting tutorial video!

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Hello gamers! We appreciate your understanding as we’ve given writers the week off, but I wanted to create a post to inform readers about the various sales that game companies are doing this week! Many of these sales could be taken advantage of without even leaving your house, meaning more time with family and less […]

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Zombicide 1

Written Review – Zombicide

I know what you’re thinking: “ANOTHER zombie survivor board game? Really?!”  My answer: “No, this is THE zombie survivor game.” To paraphrase King Leonidas, “This is Zombicide!” What’s It About? Zombicide is a cooperative game for 2 to 6 players that began its global domination as a Kickstarter campaign. Each player takes on the role […]

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