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Penny Arcade Announces PAX Unplugged – Coming November 2017

Coming this November will be PAX Unplugged, a brand new Penny Arcade event that will focus on the latest and greatest in board gaming!

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Secret Hitler

Written Review – Secret Hitler

Don’t let the name offend you! Secret Hitler is a hidden-role party game that does address political themes but places a risk on the table. Check out Myc’s review of this Kickstarter success!

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Con Adventures: Indiana Toy and Comic Expo 2016

This past Sunday I attended a new (for me) convention in Bloomington called the Indiana Toy and Comic Expo. I brought out Punisher, met some awesome people, and had a completely geeky time! Check out what I encountered during my time at the con.

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Gen Con 2016 Recap

Gen Con 2016 has officially past, but with it going we had a blast! The convention was so good it’s got us talking in rhymes! Check out our photos, notes, and video recap of this year’s Gen Con event.

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Paizo Logo Best

Four Pathfinder Members Among Gen Con’s Industry Insider Panels [Gen Con 2016]

Four of Pathfinder’s writers chosen to be among the Gen Con Industry Insider panels presented at Gen Con 2016. Get the inside scoop from some of the best in the business, specifically from one of the top-rated RPG companies in existence!

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Mythic Battles Pantheon

Mythic Battles: Pantheon Debuting at Gen Con [Gen Con 2016]

Take the role of a God of Olympus in Mythic Battles: Pantheon as they fight to gain back their immortality. Get your first chance to play the game at Gen Con 2016!

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Greenbrier Games Logo

Greenbrier Games At Gen Con – New Dragon Tides Scenario and Games [Gen Con 2016]

Greenbrier Games is bringing their all to Gen Con this year. At their booth you’ll find some new games as well as gain the ability to check out a brand new scenario for Dragon Tides!

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MAGE Company Logo

MAGE Company At Gen Con, Get A Chance to Get A Bag of Loot [Gen Con 2016]

MAGE Company will be attending Gen Con this year, and along with a ton of their best-selling games they’ll be bringing bags of loot to give away at the convention!

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Boss Monster VR

Boss Monster in Virtual Reality at Gen Con [Gen Con 2016]

Sit down in a tavern to play Boss Monster with friends as Brotherwise and Altspace VR partner to bring Boss Monster to the virtual reality table space at Gen Con 2016!

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Vampire Hunter D Pathfinder

Hundreds of Events Announced for Pathfinder At Gen Con, Vampire Hunter D Comes to the RPG [Gen Con 2016]

Hundreds of events for Pathfinder will be kicking off at Gen Con 2016, and Vampire Hunter D makes his first move into the Pathfinder universe!

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Dog Might Games and Initiative : Tabletop Team Up for Con Discounts [Origins 2016] [Gen Con 2016]

In appreciation for our fans and followers, we’ve teamed up with Dog Might to offer a sweet coupon that you can use at their booth for Origins and Gen Con 2016!

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starfinder 1

Paizo Announces Starfinder RPG to Release in 2017

Take to the stars of Golarion and its solar system in August of 2017 with the release of Starfinder RPG!

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