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Written Review – Love Letter Premium Edition

Expand your love of Love Letter by inviting more players to the table! Love Letter Premium Edition supports up to 8 players and introduces new characters and mechanics when you play with 5+. Check out the other upgrades to Love Letter in this new edition!

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Written Review – Sail to India

The best way to make money on the high seas? Sailing to India to sell your cargo, of course! In another one of AEG’s small box games that packs a surprising punch, Sail to India will have you doing just that.

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Written Review – Why First?

Shoot for the stars, but not too far! You don’t want first in this racing card game, and you do want to be second-best! Check out Why First?! By AEG.

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Written Review – Empire Engine

Careful decisions will determine the rise and fall of your personal empire and how it manages it’s resources. Check out Empire Engine from Marley and Dunston and AEG.

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Mai-Star box

Written Review – Mai-Star

Take on the life of a Geisha and prove your prowess in your craft with Mai-Star, a card game from Seiji Kanai.

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Written Review – Thunderstone Advance : Worlds Collide

Work with others to save the world in Thunderstone Advance : Worlds Collide, a deck-building game combining the best of previous Thunderstone games for one amazing dungeon-crawl-esque adventure!

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smash up munchkin cover

Written Review – Smash Up! Munchkin

Check out this lovely blend of Smash Up mechanics with adventurous art and stereotypical jabs at our favorite fantasy factions in Smash Up! Munchkin by AEG

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pagoda cover

Written Review – Pagoda

Show off your architect skills by earning the most points as you build pagodas in honor of China’s Emperor! Pagoda is a 2 player tactical board game brought to the U.S. by AEG.

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valley of the kings cover

Written Review – Valley of the Kings

Collect your statues and precious jewels and prepare to take them to the grave by managing your own tomb. Collect Egyptian treasures and stock them in your resting place for an afterlife fit for a pharaoh. Check out Valley of the Kings by Tom Cleaver and see if this deck-builder is right for you!

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Signage on Capitol Ave

Gen Con 2015 Day 2 Recap – With Kae

Plaid Hat Games and Z-MAN Games merge, Cthulhu action figures, and special figure previews from Flying Frog Productions! Check out Kae’s 2nd day at Gen Con 2015.

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Written Review – Maximum Throwdown

Will you be dragons or samurai? How about werewolves? No matter what you choose, it’s time to throw down. With Maximum Throwdown from AEG you throw cards, earn points, and try to come out on top as the cards fly.

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pretty pretty cover

Written Review – Smash Up: Pretty Pretty Smash Up

Cuteness abounds and it wants to take over your Smash Up games! Scary things come in fluffy cute packages, as well as royal terrors. Take a closer look at the four new factions of Pretty Pretty Smash Up.

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