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Written Review – Love Letter Premium Edition

Expand your love of Love Letter by inviting more players to the table! Love Letter Premium Edition supports up to 8 players and introduces new characters and mechanics when you play with 5+. Check out the other upgrades to Love Letter in this new edition!

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Written Review – Why First?

Shoot for the stars, but not too far! You don’t want first in this racing card game, and you do want to be second-best! Check out Why First?! By AEG.

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high command rapid engagement cover

Written Review – High Command: Rapid Engagement

This game may be a smaller package but brings you all out war on the same level that the core game does. Check out Rapid Engagement if you’re a fan of Privateer Press’s world!

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News From White Wizard Games

Lots of news from White Wizard Games, with many realms to choose from!

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thieves cover

Written Review – Thieves!

Hide treasure in your stash, but make sure you don’t have the most when the police arrive! Thieves is a fast-paced card game where you try to be the best sneak you can be!

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twilight creations zombies

Mayfair Games Acquires Twilight Creations, Publisher of Zombies!!!

Twilight Creations and Mayfair Games merge, bringing a big future for Zombies!!! and other games.

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captains of the golden age

Captains of the Golden Age on Kickstarter

If you’re tired of your wins and losses being left to chance, then this game should be on your radar. Trade goods for pepper to gain control of the Trading Company of the seas you call your home in Captain of the Golden Age, on Kickstarter now.

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starfinder 1

Paizo Announces Starfinder RPG to Release in 2017

Take to the stars of Golarion and its solar system in August of 2017 with the release of Starfinder RPG!

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gamefolio system

Gamefolio System On Kickstarter

Check out this nifty transportation and storage system for all of your tabletop needs! Wookie approved.

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wizkids tmnt dice masters

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters Now Available

In case you haven’t gotten your fill on dice from previous Dice Masters games, WizKids releases a set based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series!

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smash up munchkin cover

Written Review – Smash Up! Munchkin

Check out this lovely blend of Smash Up mechanics with adventurous art and stereotypical jabs at our favorite fantasy factions in Smash Up! Munchkin by AEG

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pathfinder roleplaying game

Playbook For Pathfinder App From Trapdoor Technologies

A brand new app that condenses all of your needs for Pathfinder is coming in 2016 for Pathfinder! Trapdoor Technologies obtains the license to move forward with official art, rules, and more.

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