The Gateway City Became a Gamer’s Paradise at Geekway to the West


Each year, for four days in May, the city of St. Louis is descended upon by gamers from far and wide. Geekway to the West is a fantastic event that opens its doors to attendees that can come and emerge themselves in the games they love. The number of guests at the event has risen from the early days, and this year they had a record number of over 700. Just walking through the convention hall, you would see more games than the mind can even take in. From the lobby of the hotel to the convention rooms, the host site was swarmed with joyful gamers. This is the place to be to meet up with old friends or to make new ones in the gaming community.

Geekway Library

The event has a vast library of games from all the latest titles to some old favorites. You just simply check a game out of the library and commence having fun. Some of the titles that where there offered you the chance to win a copy by simply playing it during the event. One of the fun things that helps add a little spice to the four days of nonstop gaming is the various tournaments that they hold. If you think you are the master of a game like Crokinole, this was the time to step up and prove it. Another awesome feature is that one of the host sponsors of the event, who is Miniature Market, not only had a table set up selling games at unbeatable prices but they opened the doors to the warehouse for attendees to come and shop as well. If that isn’t enough, each preregistered attendee received a free game for just showing up. They also had an awesome trade in table for you to bring in the games you no longer played and swap it up for something new for the table.

Geekway Library 2

The only way that you could possibly not have fun at Geekway is to not be there. The event is very well organized and I had a truly an amazing time. If there is any drawback to the event at all it is that at times it can be tough to find a place to play. The best bet is to arrive early each day and claim your space. If you live near St. Louis , MO or are even in driving distance of the event I strongly recommend that you make plans to attend on the days of May 15-18th of 2014. I for one recommend that you begin to make plans and get your tickets for the event early so that you are not left out the next times the Gateway City is transformed into the Geekway City.

Looney Labs Takes Fluxx to a New Level with Fluxx: The Board Game

Fluxx Board Game

In the gaming world there are tons of people who love the game of Fluxx. What is not to love about a game that changes as you play? It gives a new and fun variation each time you play as rules and goals shift as you go along. Well it looks like Looney Labs has taken the game that you love and turned it up to 11 by making it into a board game. At the GAMA tradeshow the folks at Looney Labs made a splash with this new addition to their gaming library. This wild and fun romp can only get better from here.

Much of the rules and the way you play has remained the same but the re-envisioning of how you play is sure to make this classic even more of a must have. The game is all still about change, though now they have thrown in the wrench of changing tiles. If you strategically occupy the right spaces to claim the current goal you then reveal the next goal. The photos of the new board game look amazing and it excites me to think that before too long we can have a new way to make things crazy in Fluxx.

Fluxx : The Board Game is slated for a July 26th release. This little gem will hit just in time to heat up your fun on those long summer days that have you locked inside to escape the heat. The anticipation for this game is sure to have all the diehard Fluxx fans foaming at the mouths to get this in their hands. The Fluxx universe is constantly being changed and built bigger and better with new and different set being released, and this new dimension is sure to make your gaming nights even more insane than before

AEG Looks To Body Slam The Competition With Maximum Throwdown

Maximum Throwdown AEG

I can remember as a kid cheering in front of the TV as the wrestling superstars battled each other in the epic fight of their lives. The feel of this rowdy and wild fight to the end is being brought to the gaming world by the team at AEG. This new card game, called Maximum Throwdown, was designed by the creator of Pixel Lincoln, Jason Tagmire and his co-designer Alex Strang. This is a new and innovative game that is sure to bring a twist to the typical card game that the average gamer never thought of or saw coming.

Maximum Throwdown is a whole new area of wild excitement for gamers. The concept of the game is that each player has an individual deck of cards, and they will take their turn throwing the cards onto the playing area to try to cover up the special icons on the opponents’ cards while trying keeping the icons on their own cards visible. On your turn you draw and card and you throw a card. If you have the right icons available at your disposable you have a wide range of choices to help spice up the game. You could possibly draw more cards, throw more cards than normal, steal cards from your opponents and trash them or break free of the playing space in order to keep from having your cards covered. At the end of each round if you have the most visible icons you score points, and after all the cards have been tossed, whoever has the most points will stand tall on the pile of his fallen foes and be victorious.

I have my moments when I hear about new games that I get excited, as you may know, and this is one of those times that I almost went through the roof. This game is being shown at the 2013 GAMA Trade Show and has caused a little bit of a buzz. The release is scheduled for this summer but the anticipation makes it feel like a hundred light-years away. So folks, it would be a good idea to save up a few of your nickels and prepare yourself for the release. You don’t want to get caught in a sleeper hold and miss this ultimate throwdown.

Asmadi Games Puts Chanel A On Kickstarter

Channel A Asmadi Games

Have you ever watched a TV show and wondered what the network executives where thinking in putting that on the air? Well the new game Channel A that Asmadi games has set up on Kickstarter allows you to be the television executive and come up with the wild new “hit” television show for your brand new all anime network. Asmadi Games are the makers of We Didn’t Playtest This At All and if that game is any indication of the type of zany and funny party games that they can come up with than this is sure to be a wild hit.

The basics of the game are simple enough. Much like other similar card games, your imagination is the secret weapon that sets you apart from your foes. You draw four cards from your hand and you lay them out and try and create the best show that fits the chosen premise for the round. The winner of that round is then voted on by the players of the game. The idea is simple but as a party game this has the foundation to be hilarious and fun. If you are not sure if it will be something that you would enjoy they give you the option to download the cards for the game and give it a try. So what are you waiting for?

They are marching their way to their goal but as always they have incentives to try and stretch out the successful funding of the project to the highest possible number. I think that this game sounds like it is a perfect fit into the modern party game market. It has a theme and style unlike anything else that is out there in the genre. In my experience games produced by Asmadi have high replay ability and always offer something fun or unique to the table. This little treasure is sure to bring laughter in abundance and I am sure it would keep you from ever wanting to change the channel.

Initiative : Tabletop Talks With Infinity, Creator Of The Future Belongs To Us

The Future Belongs to Us Cover

Recently we featured an article about an upcoming RPG entitled “The Future Belongs To Us” by Ataraxy Publishing. I have had experience with traditional games like D&D and have always found them to be interesting. When I first heard of “The Future Belongs To Us” I was intrigued by the world that it is set in. I have always been drawn to stories of corrupt governments and freedom fighters. The more layers that I peeled back about this RPG the more treasure awaited me. I was not only intrigued but I am genuinely excited for a fresh product in the RPG world. I was ecstatic when I was able to catch up with Infinity, the creator of both “The Future Belongs To Us” and the innovative DiceLight system that it utilizes.

I:T) What were the driving forces that lead to the creation of “The Future Belongs To Us”?

I) I found all of the existing roleplaying systems out there to be lacking. I wanted a system that was more engaging to the players and less demanding of the GM. It was important to me that the game uses only a single die for simplicity and precision.

I:T ) Was this a project that was a long time in the making?

I) I’ve been developing both the DiceLight system and “The Future Belongs To Us” setting for years. I started out running in a modern day setting with the players taking on the roles of vigilantes to fight crimes that the police couldn’t handle. The game evolved from there. I have run other settings with the DiceLight system including a couple medieval/epic fantasy campaigns and superhero/comic book style games, but the system was really developed for the near future setting of “The Future Belongs To Us”.

I:T ) What aspect of “The Future Belongs To Us” are you the most proud of?

I) I’m most proud of the response I’ve received from people who have played my game. I really appreciate all the positive feedback and encouragement I’ve gotten from all the players, past and present.

I:T ) What do you think sets this game apart from other RPG’s and makes “The Future Belongs To Us” the best choice for someone?

I) The “Future Belongs To Us” gives players a selection of defined abilities to choose from, a high level of flexibility in character creation and advancement, and isn’t bogged down by legacy gameplay mechanics. It has a customizable armor system that separates the amount of protection the armor gives you from how much of your body is actually protected. The game also rightly separates manual dexterity from full body agility. Appropriately balanced ability costs also sets the game apart from many RPGs where ability costs are usually assigned uniformly or with little variation. Many people show a lot of excitement and enthusiasm when they are playing, particularly when they get to play a “Genetically Enhanced Kid”, or GEK. People have praised the game for being a good choice for both loose story driven style of play and highly tactical/high intrigue style of play.

I:T) If someone were hearing about your game for the first time, what would you most want them to know about it?

I) I would want them to know how much freedom of choice it gives the players while still playing very smoothly.

I:T) What do you find to be the most intriguing thing about the world that “The Future Belongs To Us” is set in?

I) How the Freedom Underground characters play off each other to achieve their own personal goals while still working together as a team. As the game lends itself to specialization, it avoids the pitfalls of cookie cutter characters that can all do basically the same thing. Since the party members each have different talents, they can strike deals with each other, which as a GM can be quite entertaining.

I:T) Since “The Future Belongs To Us” uses a new dice system, could you explain to our readers how the DiceLite system that the game utilizes works?

I) Sure. The most important factor in determining how difficult an action is to perform is how the player describes what he is trying to do in relation to the story. When performing feats that heavily utilize the use of your senses, or physical feats that require speed and coordination, you roll the twenty sided die and add it to either a Proficiency or Attribute rating. Proficiencies are just specializations of the base Attributes and are completely optional. Knowledge’s, Skills, and some physical feats do not require a die roll, though they may be used in conjunction with a Proficiency such as “Sleight of Hand” in certain cases when every second counts. Based on many situational modifiers, the GM determines how well you succeed and how long it will take you. There are much more complexities to the DiceLight system, but those are the fundamentals.

I:T) Would you consider the system that the game uses to be friendly to new gamers and if so would it still draw in seasoned RPG gamers?

I) I have had many young kids come play in my game with no difficulty only to find out months later that this is the first roleplaying game that they have ever played. I have joined existing roleplaying groups that give my game a try. The next thing I know, I have people emailing me countless write-ups for their characters and discussing what their characters are doing between game sessions that is not part of the main plot. Regardless of experience level, I find a high level of enthusiasm coming from players towards the game that I really enjoy.

I:T) I know there has been Beta testing groups of the game. What has been the biggest response from the play testers?

I) They really love trying new things with the game and want to push the envelope as far as they can get away with using the Technology Creation Skills and GEK abilities. I have run one shot sessions where they got to play as the major antagonist groups such as the Hardbodies and UNE. The game really brings out people’s creativity in a way that I have never seen in any other RPG.

I:T) With the official release just over a month away what is the number one thing on the mind of the team at Ataraxy Publishing?

I) We have a lot of things planned in the coming year to prepare for but we want to stay mindful of the existing fan base as we open up to the general public. Their support got us to where we are now, and I want to personally thank all of them for their involvement.

The world of RPGs has a new product that adds to the rich tapestry of the gaming world. I am anxiously awaiting “The Future Belongs To Us” and can’t wait to find my place in the world. With many new people, places and interactions awaiting you within the confines of this game I can’t see any reason not to check it out. I have no doubts that hours of campaigning fun await those that choose to enter the near future and play their part in this brand new universe.

AEG Has Your Transportation To Fun With Trains

AEG Trains

In the world of tabletop there are a fair amount of games that involve trains as the theme. With this being the case I rarely even give them a second look because I already have my favorites. Well this notion of mine was turned on its head when the AEG game Trains appeared on my radar. This is a game that was a major hit at Essen 2012, and AEG has teamed up with Okazu Brand to bring this to the gaming tables around the world.

In the game of Trains you play as a railroad company striving to be the most powerful railroad in the land. Players start with a small group of cards and as many deck building type games work, you collect cards attempting to put yourself in a prime position to victory. What excites me the most about this game is the blending of a card game with playing tokens on a physical board. As you play you can play stations and tracks through Osaka and Tokyo while you attempt to score and be victorious. The game will come with an ample amount of components that will include wooden tokens along with cards and a double-sided board. It is a 2-4 player game and has a suggested age of 12+. I am sure that this game will be the same great quality that we come to expect from AEG.

The English edition of the game Trains was designed by Hisashi Hayashi. This edition will feature updated graphics and artwork and you can expect to see more streamlined card abilities. This is a game that has me on the edge of my seat in anticipation of its release. Fortunately we won’t have to long to wait because at this time it is slated for a summer release. This game of Japanese railroad domination will no doubt have you racing your way to fun the moment it arrives at your gaming station. I can promise you that this is one gamer that will be dancing for joy once this train arrives.