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10937576_763159617070482_17410592_nAngela has always been a gamer. For as long as she can remember she was always playing one game or another. Whether it was some of the original consoles such as Genesis, or the NES and into the newer generations from the 64 to the PlayStation and now the Xbox One. But one thing that has always remained, even when she was a little girl, was her interest for board games. Of course, every kid started off with what might be considered “entry level” board games at this point in time. She always enjoyed Monopoly, LIFE, amongst many more games. Then she entered High School and that loving relationship blossomed into a love for Magic: The Gathering as well as Dungeons & Dragons. Spending every lunch period going through 15mins of a campaign in Dungeon & Dragons, needless to say it would take forever to search an area, but it was still ridiculously fun. She gained a lot of knowledge from fighting others with their decks in Magic: The Gathering. Her preference was a dark deck, but unfortunately since has lost all her cards via a house fire and plans to rebuild. In recent years she has not been able to get her hands on too many tabletop games, but her love and interest in them have blossomed greatly.

Outside of gaming Angela is a mother of a little girl who is currently 4 years old. She spends her time taking care of her daughter and teaching her the ways of Nerdom and Geekdom with great love. She is also a photographer by profession, so when it comes to taking pictures of places and things, she is definitely going to do it. A camera is always with her, and photography has been a passion of her’s since she was 13 years old.

When she is not gaming, taking pictures, or playing with her daughter, she is more than likely reading, writing, or lets face it. She is always working and spending time with her daughter in some form or another.You can follow Angela via Twitter or Instagram.You can also follow Angela’s personal blog here.

Check out Angela’s photography here.

You can email Angela here:


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