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Raine's been gaming for as long as he can remember. It all started back with his video gaming roots, and as he got older he transitioned into tabletop. A lover of all games, some of his favorites include Pathfinder, Battlestar Galactica, Magic: the Gathering, D&D Attack Wing, Regnum Angelica, and Warmachine/Hordes. Raine's been writing for many years, and loves being a part of the gaming industry.

Gen Con 2016 Recap

Gen Con 2016 Banner

Gen Con 2016 is in the books, and what a wonderful event it was. The convention continues to break records, even shattering its attendance from last year, which was one of the biggest years the event has ever seen. With more than 500 exhibitors and expanding into Lucas Oil Stadium, Gen Con saw 201,852 attendees, up 2.5% from 2015 attendance. Gen Con also saw more 4-day badge purchases, which helps support the company’s efforts to make pricing for pre-registration worth more in the long-run.

We certainly had a great time this year, and we even made it out of the convention with a couple of the hotness games seen on a lot of gamers’ lists. We managed to pick up a copy of Legendary Encounters: Firefly as well as Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, so be on the lookout for reviews of these games in the future. While at the convention we sat down with a few of our favorite publishers and got to talk shop about what’s coming down the pipeline. The following is a breakdown.

Z-Man Games (F2Z Entertainment)

  • Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu released at the convention and eventually sold out. It plays just like Pandemic, only the cubes are replaced with Cultists and it introduces some new mechanics. The theme on the game is much more than just a new skin.
  • Broadsides, a new 2-player game set in the Merchants & Marauders world, was a huge success at the convention. Players use playing cards to make Poker hands and attempt to blow up their opponents ship before their own gets torn apart.
  • Beyond Baker Street was another hot ticket item, nearly selling out on the first day. It plays somewhat like Hanabi and offers a unique cooperative experience for players.
  • The development team has taken a lot of feedback from players and fans, thus Flick ‘Em Up: Dead of Winter will be a thing. Plaid Hat is totally on board with the idea, meaning players will be able to flick stuff at zombies to kill them, offering the most realistic post-apocalyptic experience we’ve seen yet.


  • New softcover versions of both the Core Rulebook and Bestiary for Pathfinder are available now, offering a much easier way to keep track of rules when you’re on the go or running Pathfinder Society. More books may be published this way in the future, but no details are solid at the moment.
  • Starfinder is still on the horizon, with more details coming as we near the game’s release next August.
  • Horror Adventures was a huge hit at the convention. The new hardcover supplement allows players to take a deeper look into the horrific things that can happen when you contract diseases, become a vampire, and much more. Running horror games will be much more creepy, finally.
  • A limited edition hardcover compilation of the entire set of Pathfinder’s second Adventure Path, Curse of the Crimson Throne, will be releasing soon. It’s been updated with a new layout, all while preserving the artwork and dedication originally put into the Adventure Path. This is the second compilation to release from the company.

Shadows of Esteren

  • During the Ennies, Shadows of Esteren won Best Cartography for the Cartography of Tri-Kazel supplement.
  • Players were able to pick up Kickstarter purchases as well as pick up new supplements at the convention.
  • Occultism, the most recent Kickstarter release for the RPG, was widely successful. It incorporated some fiction as well as additional supplements for the game, which players really seemed to enjoy.

Ninja Division

  • Clan Kitsune and Clan Ijin released at the convention for Ninja All Stars, and this Ninja was extremely excited!
  • The Ninja Girls were out and about, not only taking photos with fans, but also signing limited edition stickers for attendees.
  • Luchador! was on display at the convention with the help of BackSpindle Games, and it was driving crowds wild. This wrestling dice game will be coming up in a review very soon!
  • Drunk Quest was a huge hit during the convention, taking over the Tilted Kilt nearly 3 out of 4 nights of gaming!

We also stopped by to see some familiar faces, such as Dog Might Games, The Broken Token, Tableforged Games, and many more. We’ve got plenty planned and are motivated to bring out some amazing content with the next year coming. We’re already counting down to Gen Con 50, which will take place August 17th-20th next year. For more of a wrap-up, and to see a bit more of what we experienced, check out the video and photo gallery below! Thanks to all those that greeted us and those who help continue to support us in our endeavor. We can’t wait for another Gen Con!

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