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One of Raine's biggest hobbies has always been gaming. It all started with an Atari and spread out to Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: the Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons. As an artist, Raine takes pride in painting models for games as well as making his own terrain. He's also been a writer for many years, working both in the journalism industry and writing pieces of fiction. He decided to create Initiative : Tabletop as a platform to talk about all things gaming that he simply thought were cool, and reviewing games became a part of it!

Video Review – Pathfinder Occult Adventures

Pathfinder Occult Adventures

Sometimes things happen that we just can’t explain. Even in a world of magic, sorcerers, monsters, and demons there are plenty of unexplained phenomena that brave adventurers seek to uncover. With Occult Adventures, a new supplement for the Pathfinder RPG, you can learn more about haunts, read up on the occult, and dive into the six new classes that are fueled by psychic magic. Take a deeper look into the book below in our most recent video review!

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Thanks to Paizo for sending us a copy of Occult Adventures for review!

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