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Daekon is an artist, voice actor, amateur magician, gamer, and all around lover of the arts. He does a little bit of everything, but probably the biggest joy he finds in life is sharing a tabletop game with friends and the personal connection with friends sitting together at a table that comes with it. He's been gaming his entire life, but couldn't really find the right people to play with (especially with his love of Horror themed games), but has finally found his play style and groups. He runs 3 game nights a week now, and has neer been happier. His love of board games is followed closely by his love of video games (namely RPG's like Kingdom Hearts, Skyrim, and Final Fantasy) and his love for dumb puns and internet humor.

Dungeons & Decorations

Hello everyone!! First things first, let me just say a big and enthusiastic HELLO!! to everyone reading! I’m Daekon Frostgrave, one of the newest writers on Initiative: Tabletop!! It’s so nice to meet you all, and very very nice to be able to make my first official post on the site!! So, since my last three guest posts have been reviews, here is something a little bit different.

For the past few months I have been working on modifying a flask I was given from a friend. It said something on it that I really didn’t like (something to the effect of “A man needs something to believe in and I believe I need another drink” or something) and when my friend said “Hey you’re crafty, make something cool” I instantly went CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. So the brainstorming began and I really couldn’t think of anything much until watching Critical Role the other night. Then something hit me; Fantasy themed flasks.

11695925_10205863606561850_7165927023169937118_nWhile I was watching I started playing with some clay and thought “Hey I could totally make some dragon scales” so I spent about 2 hours taking one of those ring seals that come under the cap of a soda bottle lid and shaping it into a nice scale shape and cut out like….60-70 scales and placing them one by one onto the flask. Then I baked it for about an hour, in which the waiting and excitement were probably the worst part. Once it was done, I let it cool, dry brushed on some black paint, and followed that up with some silver. The most time extensive thing was wrapping the top in the hemp cord because it took forever, like almost an hour of just wrapping cord around the top. Lastly I just made a few “bloodstains” on the hemp and clear coated everything. Then it was just a matter of filling it and  — Ta-Da!! Dragon scale flask!!

11831749_10205868280158687_3399636798543746370_nI also made one for a friend of mine that’s sorta Dwarven themed with some runes carved into it. For that one I just took some clay, rolled it out and wrapped it around the flask. I cut off the excess and carved in the runes and his name on the back and popped it in the oven for about an hour. I painted it copper and made it look tarnished, and let some watered down model paint run into the grooves for the runes. I also made one that’s supposed to look like human skin covering clockwork or steampunk coolness at a friend’s challenge. It’s not quite finished yet but i’m more than happy to show an in progress image, and I definitely plan on making more!!


All in all the project was super fun, and I may actually  start buying flasks in bulk strictly to make more for different races and classes. Anyway, just wanted to show you guys a cool thing I’d been working on, and maybe inspire a bit of craftiness in you today.

If you make some of your own, or have some other cool geeky crafts you can always send some pics my way at daekonf@initiativetabletop.com and I may show some of them off in another craft post!! Until next time guys!!

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