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Since his early days Brendan has been a gamer. Starting off with contemporary games like Cribbage, he has moved up the ranks and is now a master gamer of many genres. Favoring Warmachine/Hordes, Brendan rose to be a Press Ganger for the game and enjoys teaching new players. On top of this, he referees for the roller derby, which is another passion he holds close to his heart.

Discussion: It’s the Island of Misfit Games

For the topic of this column, I must admit that it all started with my current audiobook. I am reading Ark Royal by Christopher G. Nuttall which is about the adventures of a space carrier at the start of an alien/human war. That got me thinking about some iconic spaceships that I have in my basement for a crossover space combat game that I have yet to complete. A while ago (maybe six years or even longer) after seeing a game played at Origins that had fleets from Star Wars, Star Trek and Babylon 5 all fighting each other, I wanted to recreate those games. I decided to revisit those fleets this past week and I realized that I had some of the ships needed for many of the fleet including all the small craft (X-wings, Star Furies and Vipers), but not enough to actually have any real “combat ready” fleets (I did run a game of Battlestar Galactica at Origins a couple years back, but there wasn’t any crossover – though I did get permission to use the idea from the original person).

It got me thinking about couple of unfinished game projects in my gaming area (that’s 60 to 70% of the basement for you that don’t know me very well). The beauty (and curse) of having a large expanse as my gaming area allows me to keep a lot of stuff that most people with smaller gaming areas would have to get rid of long before. Before I got into board games or a popular miniature game I played a lot of miniature games from small companies (some of which I still own). That being said, when I first started going to conventions, I really wanted to play those games that I owned but could never get my friends to play. That combined with the fact that I didn’t play any mainstream miniature games (that being either Warhammer 40k or Fantasy at the time) meant that I looked for other games that struck my fancy. Conventions are an amazing place if you are looking for games based on TV shows, books or movies. Some were so fun that I wanted to create them for my own and tried to purchase/find all the needed supplies – with limited success.

25mm Plasticville Buildings – To be used for zombie survival miniature games.

25mm Plasticville Buildings – To be used for zombie survival miniature games.

There are some real issues with those convention games, though. More often than not, there is a lot of custom miniatures or obscure terrain (possibly even both) that would need to be completed before you have all that you need for the game. That translates to a lot of money or a lot of time (or even both) for what might be a yearly event. If you want to play a game multiple times in a year, the game has to have decent replay value (something that you might not need if you are going to run it only at a major convention) and something that your gaming buddies want to see on the table. What I might think was a great game could be too fiddly or rules heavy for the normal populous. In the end, I have an array of unwanted or unfinished games lying about in the basement. Some that I really want to finish and others that I just can’t find the needed buyer to get rid of them.

1950 Futuristic Cars – Were to be used for a Fallout-like game.

1950 Futuristic Cars – Were to be used for a Fallout-like game.

Perhaps this year, I should make it a point to either complete those misfit games or sell/trade/trash those that I don’t plan to complete. It would make for an interesting mission!

1 inch Battlestar Galactica Figthers – To be used for a fighter combat game (bought long before the X-wing Game came out).

1 inch Battlestar Galactica Figthers – To be used for a fighter combat game (bought long before the X-wing Game came out).

Notable Games Played

A couple additional games of Robinson Crusoe were played and so far we have had a recent zero win streak. The beauty of this game is that it truly makes you to want to play it again – even right after a loss. One of these days, we are going to get the right mix to succeed. So far, that has not been the case!

I also raced the first part of the World Rallyman Cup race for March. My time is recorded and added to the website. I couldn’t even tell you how I did since the times from the other players have yet to be published. Definitely the new tire types, the clarifications of the rules and the SISU card (able to cancel the effect of a spinout once per stage) bring new life to this game.

The second Kickstarter for Myth is currently running. I have only backed it to get the second edition supplies currently, but there are a lot of stretch goals that have been unlocked so I might decide to raise my funding level to at least get all the KS exclusives! Perhaps the second edition rules will fix some of the issues with the original game. I hope so – the game concept and miniatures are amazing!

I also backed the Ghostbuster board game. Sadly, game play looks a bit straight forward, but hopefully that won’t be a deal breaker – honestly Zombicide’s game play is pretty straight forward and that game is great. Only time will tell if this was bought for the content or for the intellectual property.

Until next time – Play a Game!

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