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Written Review – Conflicted: The New World Series

conflicted nws cover

Up until now, Survivalogics has released decks for Conflicted, the Survival Card Game in which players discuss best courses of action to survive a situation presented by the card. These have included anything from detailed scenarios leaving you at a crossroads, lists to make, and questions that we’d rather not think about in our comfortable lifestyles. With the third Conflicted deck, the folks at Survivalogics have teamed up with G. Michael Hopf, the author of The New World Series, to create questions based off of scenarios that occur in the novels. So, let’s take a look at the game!

# Players:


Play Time:

15-120 Min


Survivalogics, Inc


This deck comes with 49 cards containing questions from sample scenarios, and twists of those situations, for you and your crew to debate and answer. The deck also comes with a rundown of what the game is about and the specific rules. Included also are 2 cards with QR codes for more information on Hopf’s books and another on Conflicted and the other decks.

These cards contain much more black in the background than the other decks did, and bear the Conflicted logo in yellow and orange at the top of the card.

conflicted nws contents

What Has Changed

We’re going to assume you know how the game plays out, but if not, please refer to our review of the first Conflicted deck.

The biggest change about this deck is that many of the cards mention the names of characters in Hopf’s novels, The New World Series, and picks up situations in which the characters are faced with a conflicted (ah-ha, see what we did there?) decision. While having knowledge of the series and the story within could be beneficial to playing this particular deck, it is not necessary.

conflicted nws cards1

Re-Building What Has Been Destroyed – Is It Possible?

I was a bit thrown off by this deck, I will admit. The other decks just threw me into scenarios and let me focus on the dilemma at hand. I was a little off-put at first by the frequent mentioning of characters to whom I had no knowledge of or connection to prefacing the question I was supposed to consider. This was somewhat distracting to me when I first sat down with the game.

conflicted nws cards2

After some play time, I was able to see past this, as a player who is unfamiliar with the series. The character names really do just illustrate specific events and give you small insight into how the question is being brought up, or extra fluff context, if you will. If the frequent name dropping bothers you, then this deck may not be up your alley.

I did take the time to look up some of the novels on Amazon and used the “Look Inside” feature to read some blurbs here and there to give myself some context as to who these people were. I do think that, after reading some samples, that fans of this book series would really appreciate the way they’ve taken these scenarios and made them into discussion topics for a game.

Deck 3 is retailing for $14.95 and you can pick it up on the official Conflicted webpage by clicking the “Buy This Game” button below. You can vote for topics of future decks while you’re over there as well. If you like the other decks, and especially if you’re a fan of G. Michael Hopf’s series, I’d definitely check this out.

Buy This Game IT ButtonThanks to Survivalogics Inc  for providing a copy of Conflicted : The Card Game – The New World Series for review!


  • Challenges the emotional well-being of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world
  • Fans of Hopf’s books will be able to relate to familiar characters and situations
  • While there are a lot of topics included in this deck, a lot focuses on societal and government re-build for an interesting subject


  • You may find yourself wary of your co-players’ ability to survive in a post-apocalyptic world
  • If you don’t read the series, this deck may not be as enjoyable as the others.

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2 Comments on “Written Review – Conflicted: The New World Series”

  1. 172fixer August 7, 2014 at 6:42 PM #

    Sounds intriguing. I’ll be looking into it further…thanks for a great review.


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