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Advanced Rules Previewed for Winter Tales, Rulebook Available for Download

Winter Tales Box

Fantasy Flight is pushing forward with the previews for Winter Tales, their storytelling board game that pits both a winter and spring regime against one another for control of Wintertown. Throughout the game players will tell a story by completing quests that, when assembled together, create a continuous story for the fight within Wintertown. The last preview showed just how important the memory track and completing quests was, and the preview just posted on Fantasy Flight’s site goes into a bit of detail on the optional advanced rules that can be used with the game.

One of the ways the advanced rules can be incorporated is with the addition of powers to the game. When a regime completes a quest they receive a special power that can be used during the game. For example, if the spring faction successfully completes the Safe House quest they’re rewarded with a Safe House power in the location in which the quest was completed. For the rest of the game spring characters cannot be incapacitated by losing a battle with a winter soldier. They will instead go back to the Safe House location and continue their story from that point.

Winter Tales Powers

Powers are rewards for completing some quests, and they’ll dole out the upper hand when the time is right.

On the winter side of things, the Armed Retaliation quest offers a power that can instantly destroy a rebel power or character using the armed might of the winter regime if the quest is completed successfully. If you use the Armed Retaliation power to destroy a spring power and remove it from the game, not only does the power disappear, but the memory of the power’s associated quest turns from spring to winter, allowing you to change the outcome of the game in an instant. Characters destroyed by this power simply are removed from the game, leaving the spring faction fighting an uneven battle.

The second way players can use the advanced rules is by introducing objectives to the game. Using these rules, one objective card is dealt to each player when setting up the game. Once you complete an objective it becomes a memory on the memory track, taking you closer to victory for your faction.The objectives will vary depending on faction, from sending spring players to create Connections between locations to having winter players attempting Spy missions in different locations. You can see examples of objectives on the Fantasy Flight post.

Objective cards can turn the tides quickly!

Objective cards can turn the tides quickly!

Finally, each character has a special ability that can be unlocked by using the last part of the advanced rules. On each character card a special power will be shown in the bottom-right corner. Some characters, such as Tin Man and The Wolf, have battle skills that allows them to skip playing a story card during the first round of battle, while other characters like Grandma Dorothy have the secret passage ability, which lets them quickly escape an ambush. You can see all of the advanced rules by downloading the official Winter Tales rulebook from the Fantasy Flight site, as well as the instruction booklet. The game will be upon us soon, so get yourself familiar with it and be ready to get the game to the table!

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One Comment on “Advanced Rules Previewed for Winter Tales, Rulebook Available for Download”

  1. Role Play Craft May 28, 2014 at 1:17 PM #

    One thing that Fantasy Flight gets right every time: aesthetics. From the smallest card game, to the biggest 90 dollar strategy board game, even to their thickest RPG books, the product always looks DAMNED fine.

    It costs, for sure, but they look great, and the cardboard is always thick. It’s just great stuff.

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