Magic: The Gathering Collector Coins Coming Soon


Wizards of the Coast announced on Friday that they have teamed up with the New Zealand Mint to produce special collector coins for Magic: The Gathering. These coins will be coming soon and feature art that any MtG fan would recognize! The first of these coins is Jace, the Mind Sculptor by Jason Chan. The fronts of these coins will feature MtG art, and the back bears Elizabeth II.


Each coin is made of 0.999 ounces of silver, and will come individually packaged and numbered to prove authenticity. The price of these coins has not yet been determined, and will be announced closer to the undetermined release date. Retailers can get in on this deal too by visiting the New Zealand Mint page and signing up to be notified when they become available.

If you are, or know someone who is, a fan of Magic: The Gathering, this would be a great gift to look into. We are excited to see what other coin faces become available, and I am personally hoping for a grand Niv-Mizzet piece. If you play MtG, is this something you would buy? Why or why not?

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