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Christina is a Christian, gamer. She enjoys playing a variety of tabletop games. Some of her favorite games are Myth, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, MERCS Miniatures, and Lord of the Rings The Card Game.

Gaming with the Family

My family is a big reason why I ever started to play tabletop games. Growing up I would play games such as Clue, Monopoly, Candyland, Uno, Skip Bo, etc. We would try to sit down at least once a week and play a board game. For most of my life I thought this was all that existed in tabletop games. However, a few years ago I was pleasantly surprised to see that more complex and innovative games existed out there. Last Night on Earth by Flying Frogs was my first foray into more modern tabletop games. While I still enjoy the classics I grew up with my taste for tabletop games have changed and I love games with more meat to it.

I still enjoy playing tabletop games with my family but instead of always opting to play the classics my husband and I have introduced them to more complex games. It has been a learning experience since our families are pretty new to modern tabletop games. (My brother being the exception.) We’ve had them try games with a variety of complexity to figure out which games would better suit them. This has been quite a fun journey and we’ve helped teach our families more about the tabletop gaming world. We’ve developed a list of “go-to” games to bring over to our family’s houses.


Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus

This game has been a big hit with my in-laws. The rules are clear and while it has complexity the overall luck mechanic can really change every game. Not every strategy will work every time you play this game so even us seasoned gamers could lose easily.


Tsuro of the Seas

We picked this gem up at Gen Con this year and our family loves this game too. It offers that puzzle game quality that many can appreciate. The rules are straightforward. Roll the dice, lay a tile, move your ship, and draw another tile. Oh yeah, try not to go off the board and get eaten by giant sea monsters!



I recently reviewed this game and I can’t stress enough how great this game is for families. Our families love it and my oldest niece really enjoys building as many creatures as she can. It is a game that scales in complexity so it is perfect for about any age range.


Flash Point: Fire Rescue

This has been a really fun game that our families enjoy. The mission is easy, rescue the victims from the burning building. A co-op game is really great to play with our families. We get to work together on a common mission and we can help offer advice if someone is stuck.

Some other family favorites include: Zombie Dice, Cthulhu Dice, Fluxx, Kittens in a Blender, Poo, Ticket to Ride, Rule the Roost, Abandon Ship, Zombicide, and Resistance. Our list keeps growing as we keep introducing our families more and more into modern tabletop games. It is such an amazing way to spend time with your family and enjoy something new together.

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