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Written Review – Demon Hunter’s Handbook Pathfinder Player Companion

Demon Hunters Handbook Pathfinder

Dragons and goblins aren’t the only beings on the hunt in Golarion. Those who have lived a nefarious, sinful, and corrupt life could find themselves being reborn in the Abyss, a place full of desecration and suffering. These reborn husks return to the living as demons that prey on those who the being walked alongside in their previous life. Demons come in many different forms that are dangerously deadly, but there are those who seek to put an end to their evil ways. These righteous combatants are known as demon hunters, and they pack all the tools necessary to drive back demonic forces from Golarion’s many locations.

With the Demon Hunter’s Handbook Pathfinder Player Companion, players will have everything they need to take up arms against the demonic presence walking about. The 32-page book covers everything from how to summon a demon to how to interrogate one that you’ve managed to capture. It’s broken down into sections that cover a multitude of subjects, for instance, how to battle demons and the organizations that do so for a living.

Rage Powers that let you punch through people? Yes please.

Rage Powers that let you punch through people? Yes please.

In the book players will find new feats for demon-hunting, along with new barbarian Rage Powers that will make your opponents eat their hearts out – literally. There are also new traps for rangers that have them stopping the telepathic link that demons share, as well as anchoring foes in place when in need for interrogation or escape. One of the most interesting things included with the Demon Hunter’s Handbook is the new Cold Iron Warden archetype for the inquisitor class. Skilled at hunting the most vile creatures of the Abyss, the Cold Iron Warden gains abilities that focus on dealing with these sort of foes. New abilities let the inquisitor track enemies from points of teleportation when they escape, channel energy to damage outsiders much like the cleric’s ability, and even translate telepathic conversations enemies have when in range.

Need info about demons? This book's got it.

Need info about demons? This book’s got it.

There’s plenty of information about different locations in Golarion that have been touched by demonic presence, and Paizo makes sure we’ve got all the info we need on them with this book. The Darklands sprawl beneath Golarion’s surface, and are home to an expanse of cultists and demon-worshippers. Karcau is a cultural mecca, sitting on the shores of Lake Prophyria. There are many other locations as well, and each one offers up special traits when creating a character that has come from them. There is also a new story feat added with the book, Vengeful Banisher, which allows your character to gain bonuses to saving throws versus effects from demon worshippers or demons themselves.

These arrowheads will be very useful, I think.

These arrowheads will be very useful, I think.

The book goes into a bit of detail describing the crusades – wars against the demonic horde rising from the Worldwound. Because of these crusades, certain items have been crafted to help those who seek to take up arms against the evil. A whole set of new items are available to players, such as the Sun Cinder that makes your torches even brighter, and the Angel Quill Arrowhead that lowers a hit enemy’s damage reduction for all attackers. Accompanying these new items are also magic items that are extremely valuable. These include Deadlimb Pins, Thorned Manacles, Warding Lips, and more.

What's worse than heartburn? Demonic heartburn.

What’s worse than heartburn? Demonic heartburn.

Paizo has done a great job putting together a Player Companion for any player who is seeking to join a righteous cause to fight against the demonic evils plaguing Golarion. The artwork in the book is stunning, and though I’d like to have seen the original cover art from when the book was announced, I’m happy with the result. I think some of the magical items, while extremely expensive, will add a lot to your treasure trove, if you can stay alive long enough to earn them. There is information on specific spells to use when encountering demons, and knowing these will make your arsenal much more powerful. Basically, the Demon Hunter’s Handbook is the Player Companion to have when you want to take a scenic stroll through the Abyss.

Whether you want to cleanse a town of demonic possession, stop a demonic cult from destroying a village, or lead a crusade against a powerful demon lord, the Demon Hunter’s Handbook has exactly what you need. I would have liked for the book to have some specific weaponry and armor for taking on demons and the like, but even without that the book offers plenty. The new Cold Iron Warden archetype for the Inquisitor is perfect for fleshing out a demon-hunting character, and if your pair that up with a party that’s ready to let their faith guide them, you’ll be slaying evil-doers in no time flat. If you’re looking to add some divinity to your campaign, this is something I’d certainly recommend picking up.

Thanks to Paizo for providing a copy of the Demon Hunter’s Handbook Pathfinder Player Companion for review!

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