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Written Review – Bushwackin’ Varmints Out Of Sergio’s Butte

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I am fairly certain that, at some point in each of our lives, we have all sat staring at the TV way into the night only to find yourself watching some terrible and goofy b-movie. Well in the card game Bushwackin’ Varmints Out of Sergio’s Butte by Z-MAN games you find yourself making your very own b-movie and waging war on the other “directors” that have gathered at the table. When I first picked up this game I’ll admit that I was skeptical, but I found myself wanting to sit down and give it a shot anyway. After all, what’s the worst that can happen in a cheesy b-movie?

What’s It All About?

In Bushwackin’ Varmints you work to assemble your set, cast, props and even special effects to make your movie the most powerful and successful. You and the other players work to assemble the perfect b-movie flick and accumulate the most points. It’s not so simple, though, because at every turn your fellow film makers strive to sabotage your efforts. Not only do you have to be fast, cunning, and meticulous about which pieces you put together for your film, you also need to be on the defensive to help ward away things that other players slap down on you in attempts to send your production into the ground.


Bushwackin Varmints 2

With this game you get a simple deck of 120 cards. The deck is made up of characters, locations, props, creatures, special effects and roll credits cards. We first draw six cards of the top of the deck and use the word that is listed on the bottom of each card to help create a cheesy and creative b-movie styled name for the movie you are currently making.

Each player is then dealt six cards to start the game. During each player’s turn they have the ability to add locations and characters to their film as well as playing props to help make their characters stronger. A player also has the ability to play creature cards or special effects that will aid in helping to sabotage the efforts of the opponents.

Bushwackin Varmints 4

The game play continues around the table as each player struggles to create their masterpiece while they work to come out on top of the competition. The game ends when one player lays down the “Roll Credits” card. This card calls an end to the filming and each player ads up the total points remaining from their film. The player with the highest points takes home the award for best cheesy b-movie and wins the game.

The Verdict

Bushwackin’ Varmints is a game that initially I was skeptical of and was not genuinely convinced that it was going to even mildly entertaining. I was so very wrong about this one, however, and I’m glad. This game provides plenty of chances for strategy to come into play as well as well as opportunities for back stabbing and to be a no good scoundrel. The cheesy yet hilarious quotes and art on the cards add to the b-movie feel of this game. All in all this is another solid and fun game by Z-MAN.

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If you're a fan, this is for you.

If you’re a fan, this is for you.

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