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The Agents Came Back To Kickstarter And Has Already Surpassed Goal

The Agents come back to Kickstarter and blast past their funding goal, meaning great things for the continuation of the Double-Edged Card game!

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Fantasy Flight Posts Huge Ship Rules for X-Wing Miniatures

The Tantive IV and Rebel Transport Expansion Packs will be releasing for X-Wing soon, and in order to help get players familiar with the new huge ships, Fantasy Flight has posted their rulesets for all to see.

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Pathfinder Comics City of Secrets

Paizo Kicks Off Heroes of Magnimar Contest for City of Secrets Comic Series

Get your Pathfinder hero immortalized with the Heroes of Magnimar contest, which is live right now!

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Puerto Rico Brendan

Guest Post: The Plan – Part 14: An Old and Forgotten Friend

Two more games off the list this week and two more that weren’t on the list at all! I even got to game on the Easter Holiday, which was quite special.

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Video Review – The Agents

Place your agents strategically into factions to earn more Intel Points than your opponents in this double-edged card game that plays like no other!

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Superfight Red and Purple Expansion

Video Review – Superfight! Red and Purple Expansion

Are you looking to spice up your game of Suprfight!? Then look no further! In this review we take a look at the Red and Purple Expansion decks for the game, each adding something new to your plays!

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Deep Cut Deep Space Mat

Deep-Cut Studio Rolls Out New Deep Space Mat, Taking Pre-Orders

Deep-Cut Studio may be partnering up lately, but they aren’t forgetting about their own endeavors. They’ve just announced a new Deep Space battle mat that’s now available for pre-order.

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tales of the arabian nights

Gaming Investments : How Much Is Too Much To Pay?

What factors should you consider before dropping big bucks on a game? Kae shares her thoughts on what makes a game worth your money.

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