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Street Fighter DBG

Cryptozoic Previews Capcom Street Fighter Deck Building Game

Capcom’s Street Fighter Deck-building game employs the mechanics of the Cerberus engine with some new and refreshing mechanics that gear the game towards combat. Prepare yourself for a Hadoken!

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Initiative Tabletop Group

Quick News April 11 – April 17

A new edition of Dark Heresy? Tournament Kits for some of our favorite Fantasy Flight Games? You bet, this week’s Quick News has it all!

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Myth Unboxing with Kae

Myth, a board game from MegaCon Games that funded via Kickstarter, is now on retail shelves. A lot of gamers are talking about it, but the question has risen: what’s in the retail box? With this video, we answer that question for you!

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Tracker A Post Nuclear Disaster

Tracker: A Post Nuclear Disaster In Its Last Week on Kickstarter

After a nuclear disaster struck the world, everything you once knew is now a wasteland. You’re a survivor and it’s up to you to search for valuable artefacts and keep yourself alive. But take heed, other survivors are hunting you – even ones you swore you killed.

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LotR Nightmare Decks Shadows Mirkwood Cycle

More Nightmare Decks Have Arrived For Lord of the Rings LCG

Fantasy Flight Games announces three new Nightmare Decks for your LotR LCG – The Hills of Emyn Muil, The Dead Marshes, and Return to Mirkwood.

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Warmachine High Command

Faith & Fortune Expansion and Campaign Packs Announced for Warmachine High Command

Later this fall the Faith & Fortune Expansion will release for High Command, adding four new factions to play with. What’s more are Campaign Packs that add playability to the game in the form of new Location and Winds of War cards, also coming this fall.

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Dungeons and Dragons Logo Banner

Wizards of the Coast Teams Up with Mighty Fine for D&D T-Shirt Contest

Are you mighty with the pen or brush? Do your deeds deserve to be immortalized? Then come take part in the Tyranny of Dragons T-Shirt Contest to have a chance to get your design printed and win some gold!

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Magic 2015 Logo

Wizards of the Coast Announces Designer Cards for Magic 2015

Designers from some of the most favored games on the market have come together to help design a slew of new cards for Magic 2015.

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