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Pandemic Survival

Pandemic: Survival World Championship Kicked Off at Gen Con 2014 [Gen Con 2014]

Pandemic: Survival takes the original Pandemic game to the extreme. Face off against other teams of survivors as you try to either be the first to find all four cures or outlast as the last team standing!

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Next Expansion For SolForge : Secrets of Solis

New mechanics and cards have made their way into Solforge with the release of the game’s third set, Secrets of Solis.

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This is everything that I got at Gen Con 2014!

Guest Post: The Plan – Part 31: Gen Con 2014!

I’m back from Gen Con, and after four days of endless gaming I still managed to get a game off the list! Not to mention I picked up some awesome stuff and played even more games while at the convention!

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Space Alert: A cooperative programmed movement with a time limit. Half the fun is the craziness when you make a programming mistake!

Guest Post: The Plan – Part 30: The Gen Con Purge

With all the business of Gen Con I didn’t get to post this until after. I shot two games off the list and set two more to pick up at the convention. Here’s my pre-Gen Con thoughts!

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Golem Arcana Logo

Golem Arcana Quakes Through Gen Con 2014 [Gen Con 2014]

Golem Arcana was easily one of the biggest hits of Gen Con this year, and after playing it I can understand why. A beautiful mix of tabletop miniatures games and digital games collide in this unique and fun title.

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cowards and carrots

Baksha Games Launches Cowards & Carrots Kickstarter

Dragonbunnies. That’s it. Need more information? Check out this fun game on Kickstarter and see what its all about!

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level 7 invasion

LEVEL 7 [INVASION] Gets A Hefty Helping Of News

If you’re a fan of Privateer Press and their LEVEL 7 game lineup, then their most recent string of news will be of interest to you. A while ago, LEVEL 7 [INVASION], the next game in the series, was announced and got gamers buzzing about the new possibilities. With a September 24th release date, Gen […]

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HyGround Tiles

HyrGround Tiles 3D Terrain Up on Kickstarter

HyGround Tiles, new snap together miniature gaming terrain, is live on Kickstarter and it looks amazing!

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