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Tail Feathers

New Trailer Released for Tail Feathers from Plaid Hat Games

Tail Feathers is a brand new game in the Mice & Mystics world where our familiar heroes take to the skies on the backs of birds to battle predators above the treetops. A brand new trailer has been released for the game, and in it we get to see the game in all its winged glory!

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Folklore The Affliction

Greenbrier Games to Unleash Folklore: The Affliction on Kickstarter Tomorrow

Travel back to a time where evil wandered the land and took up residence in graveyards, manors, castles, and forests. Folklore: The Affliction is a dungeon-crawl board game like you’ve never experienced before, and it’s going up on Kickstarter tomorrow!

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Patchwork Cover

Written Review – Patchwork

It’s time to put your quilt-making skills to the test with Patchwork from Mayfair Games! Place patches appropriately to earn buttons and out-quilt your opponent to become the master seamster/seamstress. Learn more about this two-player game in our review!

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Rum & Bones Box

Any Port in A Storm – Rum & Bones First Impressions

Rum & Bones, a new MOBA-style miniatures game from CoolMiniorNot, has finally hit our table. After busting it out and tossing a few enemies overboard to be keelhauled, I put together my first impressions of what it had to offer.

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chinatown zman games

Written Review – Chinatown

Don’t let the cover guy’s face fool you : this brutal game of trading and negotiation will challenge your strategy and keep you on your feet. But will the neighboring businessmen/women thwart your efforts? You’ll only find out in Chinatown!

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The Others 7 Sins Box Art

Embody A Deadly Sin with The Others: 7 Sins, On Kickstarter

The Others: 7 Sins is a horror board game where heroes fight back against the 7 Deadly Sins to drive them away from Haven, the last city standing in the face of corruption. Now on Kickstarter, this horrific game is now bursting through stretch goals with nightmarish speed.

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Dungeons and Dragons Out of the Abyss

Dungeons & Dragons: Out of the Abyss Available Now

Out of the Abyss, a brand new adventure supplement for Dungeons & Dragons, is now available! Players will journey into the Underdark and confront terrible powers seeking to bring forth demonic entities from the Abyss, but beware of the darkness that seeps forth into the Forgotten Realms!

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Pandemic Legacy Season 1

Pandemic Legacy – Holding Back Disease on an Epic Scale

Do you have what it takes to combat diseases for an entire year? Can you work together and fight back viruses month after month? You’ll need to in Pandemic Legacy, coming soon from Z-Man Games! With newly-released images, we finally see what we’ll expect with the game when it releases at Essen 2015.

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fidelitas cover

Written Review – Fidelitas

Enter the not-well-known city of Fidelitas and organize the people to overthrow the politicians! Just don’t spend too much time at the Tavern drinking – that’s why they need you in the first place. Check out Fidelitas by Green Couch Game, a card game of manipulation and placement.

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booze barons

Guest Post: Booze Barons on Kickstarter

Guest writer Jeremi Finn shares his excitement about Overworld Games’ Booze Barons, on Kickstarter until September 19th!

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Kickstarter Preview – Infected Zombie RPG

Want a zombie-themed RPG that isn’t your run of the mill slash-and-dash? Check out Infected! using the Immersion RPG system by Oliver Shead and how your character’s morality will have greater effect than your choice of weapon.

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cross hares testing ground

Video Review – Cross Hares: Testing Ground

Cross Hares: Testing Ground is a strategic terrain-based board game from 1A Games. With a shadowy factory pumping chemicals into the fishing grounds, all sorts of creatures and monsters have been roaming about the land. A group of heroes known as the Cross Hares decide to head down to the factory in Soft Ground to find out what’s going on for themselves.

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