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SolForge World Championship Announced

Stone Blade Entertainment has announced the SolForge World Championship tournament, which will take place early next year. Qualifier events will start this coming weekend, however, so it’s game time!

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7 Wonders: A full game using the drafting mechanic. This is my empire in the 3rd age.

Guest Post: The Plan – Part 27: Bending the Rules?

Three more games off the list this week, and while they may be newer versions of older games, I still consider playing them a new experience!

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crowne plaza

Convention Housing – How Far Away Should You Stay?

Not sure where to stay during your convention experience? Check out our tips on choosing your distance.

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Mars Attacks Mantic Games

Mantic Games Offering Mars Attacks Early Bird Special

Mantic Games is offering Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game as an Early Bird Special until their first delivery run is depleted for those who may have missed out on the Kickstarter campaign.

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IT Quick News Logo

Quick News July 12th – July 18th

This week it’s all about Fantasy Flight announcements, and more on the move. It’s coming quickly, as is Gen Con!

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Deep Cut Deep Space Mat

Video Review – Deep-Cut Studio’s Deep Space Nebula Battle Mat

Today we take a look at the Deep Space Nebula battle mat from Dee-Cut Studio. Perfect for games of Star Trek Attack Wing, X-Wing Miniatures, and more, this mat takes you into the beautiful black of interstellar space.

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munchkin messenger bag

Steve Jackson Games Has A Busy Announcement Week

So many things are coming for Munchkin this fall, and just in time for the holidays. Check out what you can expect to see on the wishlist of the Munchkin fan in your life.

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hand minted fantasy coins

Hand Minted Fantasy Coins Nearly Funded On Kickstarter

If you’re looking for some coinage to bring more dimension to whatever your fantasy needs are, these coins are something to check out. Hand-made and beautiful!

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