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Rise of Cthulhu

Interview with Rise of Cthulhu’s Chuck Yager

Chuck Yager, creator of Rise of Cthulhu, takes some time to answer the maddening questions of the cultists here at the I:T office on his current project from Kickstarter!

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aeg fun to 11 epic pvp

AEG and Fun to 11 Take To Kickstarter With Epic PVP

Pick your class! Pick your race! Battle! Two companies have partnered together to bring EPIC PVP to your table in a dual-deck shuffling card game of epic proportions, and it is on Kickstarter now!

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Pathfinder Society Logo

Paizo Announces New Core Campaign Option for Pathfinder Society

Paizo has just announced a new playing option for their Pathfinder Society Organized Play. This new option, entitled the Core Campaign, is exactly that: the ability to play through a campaign using only what’s available in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. This new option will offer a better jumping off point for new players as well […]

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All of my Zombicide that I currently own; I will be getting the rest of the latest Kickstarter stuff in the coming months.

Guest Column: When is Enough Too Much?

When it comes to gaming I think I’m a bit of a collector. With new expansions coming out I feel like I need to grab everything I can. But that brings me to a question: when is too much game, too much game?

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Rise of Cthulhu

Kickstarter Rollout: Rise of Cthulhu and Nova Prime: Redux

Two games jumped out at me as I was wandering Kickstarter this week: Rise of Cthulhu and Nova Cry. Make sure you check these games out while they’re smashing stretch goals!

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Gen Con Housing banner

Gen Con Housing – Beating a Broken System

Gen Con’s housing registration has opened, and while we were promised a “smoother” system, many of us experienced a more rocky path than last year.

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IT Quick News Logo

Quick News Jan 17 – Jan 23

New writers, new dragons, Netrunner expansion previews, and Lego figurines of Pandemic roles. Read about these and more in this week’s Quick News!

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Caverna _cover_1

Written Review – Caverna: The Cave Farmers

Don takes a look at Caverna: The Cave Farmers, and offers some insight on how this game compares to Agricola.

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