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Manor Set UpWorks

UpWorks Kickstarter Now Live, Nearly Funded

The UpWorks Kickstarter campaign is now live, and it’s nearly funded already! Get ready to build some castles, fortresses, towers, and more for your fantasy gaming needs!

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Tragedy Looper

Z-Man Games Announces October Releases, Premiers at Essen, and More for October

Z-Man will be premiering all sorts of games at Essen this year, and they’ve posted the release dates for a few of them. Two new games are available now, and Pandemic: Survival is heating up!

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trains rising sun

Trains: Rising Sun Coming This October

The next set in the Trains saga will hit store shelves in October and will bring three new boards as well as new bonus card types.

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DnD 5th Monster Manual Cover Art

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Monster Manual Now Available

The Monster Manual is here for D&D 5th Edition! It’s got all the nasty baddies you can think of, which will make any hero’s day a difficult one.

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Sentinels Tactics: The Flame of Freedom – Sentinels of the Multiverse in tactical combat form. Legacy attempts to defeat his Archenemy Baron Blade!

The Plan – Part 37: The Fourth Quarter!

Three games off the list this week as we move into the final quarter of 2014! I’m ahead of my goal, and The Plan is coming along nicely!

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BattleBones: A Fantasy Dice Game, Now on Kickstarter

Like wargames, but don’t like the time you have to invest in them? Check out this quick strategic dice game that will satisfy that need!

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TW 28mm Castle Packaging

Tabletop Workshop: 28mm Castle Ready for Pre-Order

Tabletop World’s Basic Castle set is now available for pre-order, and by doing so you save some cash!

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Zombicide – Prison Outbreak:  The first mission – find a map of the prison… At least the heroes start with a nightstick instead of a pan…

Guest Post: The Plan – Part 36: Campaigning

Only one game off the list from last week since I had some roller derby duties to attend to!

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