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Guest Post: Kickstarter Preview – Salem

Join Chris as he shares details on a new project on Kickstarter called Salem. This deception based card game for 4-12 people will have you suspicious of everyone at your table as you try to identify who is the witch and who isn’t!

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Quick News March 21 – March 27

RPG Superstar winner, dueling wild west llamas, wooden storage boxes for miniatures, and dragons! All this and more in this week’s Quick News.

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Gen Con and Indiana’s SB 101

With SB 101 signed into legislation, many are wondering what the future holds for Gen Con. CEO Adrian Swartout released two letters to the community in response to this bill, and we even have our own thoughts on its impact.

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Nawakwa Box Concept

Practice Your Hunting Skills with Nawakwa, the Next Title from Black Locust Games

Black Locust Games is working on a brand new title they’re calling Nawakwa. Take the role of a Chippewa Indian and hunt for game before the winter hits you and your tribe. Watch out, though, as fellow hunters will be out for the same game!

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Bad Beets to Release Summer 2015

Stone Blade Entertainment announces a new family-friendly card game called Bad Beets! Check out some pictures and details on what the game entails.

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Dead of Winter Organizer

Video Review – Dead of Winter Organizer from The Broken Token

Tired of all your zombies falling all over the place with Dead of Winter? Are you frustrated at needing to keep the box on the table to hold everything while you game? The Broken Token has a solution for your storage problem, and we’re here to show it off.

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Arkham Nights

Party the Lovecraftian Way with Arkham Nights, Now on Kickstarter

I remember not too long ago when I first got into Lovecraftian horror. I started out with Call of Cthulhu and moved on from there, reading what I could from the mythos. For many gamers, they can share their passion for Lovecraft with others by playing many of the Cthulhu-themed games that exist today. I’m […]

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Video Review – Dead of Winter

Winter has come. In the middle of a zombie apocalypse you need all the help you can get. But can others be trusted? What if one of your own was a betrayer? Can you survive, or will you end up as one of the undead creatures trying to get into the colony?

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