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Hungry Hungry Hippos – There is nothing more fun than smashing a hippo’s tail for marbles!

Guest Post: The Plan – Part 40: Gang Wars

It’s about time I played some games from my Gen Con roundup, and this week I did just that. There’s even an old-school game that I revived from my gaming closet!

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Hex Chest Elder Wood Kickstarter

Introducing Hex Chests by Elder Wood, Now on Kickstarter

The Hex Chest, created by the team at Elder Wood, is an elegant and completely awesome way to store your RPG gaming dice. Choose from different types of wood, add engraving, and slap down a pledge on Kickstarter to get yours by the holidays!

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dragons ransom

Dragon’s Ransom Tells The Dungeon-Crawl Story…But In Reverse?!

That’s right. The dungeon is -your- home, and those snobbish adventurers are trying to steal what is yours! Assemble your forces and drive them back to protect your treasure.

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Dog Might Dice Chest

Video Review – Dice Chest by Dog Might Games

Dog Might is back on Kickstarter with their new product, the Dice Chest. It’s a great way to store dice, and it can even be used as a GM screen when playing your favorite RPGs. Here’s our video review!

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IT Quick News Logo

Quick News Oct 11 – Oct 17

Babysit cats, launch an Imperial Assault, and congratulate the new Catan World Champion this week in Quick News!

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Lords of War card game

Lords of War: Magic and Monsters Up on Kickstarter

An expansion to Lords of War: Orcs versus Dwarves is up on Kickstarter. Black Box Games is introducing Lords of War: Magic and Monsters, which will add all sorts of new things to the great card game of battle-forged heroes!

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Days of Wonder Five Tribes

Days of Wonder Posts Lineup for Essen [Essen 2014]

Days of Wonder has some special things in store for Essen 2014 attendees! Fans of Ticket to Ride, Memoir ’44, Small World, and Tribes will be certainly happy to stop at their booth this year!

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Ultimum: A Multi-Platform Tabletop RPG on Kickstarter

Science Fiction RPG, Ultimum, hopes to bring the best of the tabletop and digital worlds together for the ultimate RPG experience. Including races such as Asaborn Bear Warlords. That’s right. Check out this project, on Kickstarter until December 13th.

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