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Quick News Nov 15 – Nov 21

Princesses, more information about BGG Con, changes to Pathfinder Society, and more in this week’s Quick News!

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Regnum Angelica Cover

Video Review – Regnum Angelica

Take to the skies in an angelic battle for supremacy. Side with Gabriel of the Arch Angels or Beezlebub of the Fallen Angels and fight to protect your realm or take over the realm of your opponent.

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Gulveig Card Art

Written Review – Fate of the Norns: Gulveig

Four dangerous clans battle for supremacy in the cosmos. Join the conflict as the Vanir gods, Aesir gods, Fire Giants, and Ice Giants clash in Fate of Norns: Gulveig.

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Brendan Hirst Arts

Guest Post: The Plan – Part 44: According to Hoyle

Since I went to the mountains of Tennessee last week I didn’t get but one game played from the list, but it’s a great one!

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Power Grid: An extremely challenging game that last is sometimes best!

Guest Post: The Plan – Part 43: A Bit Hasty?

Though I’ve been putting together Hirst Arts blocks for the better part of the week, I still had time to knock three games off of the list!

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Quick News Nov 8 – Nov 14

Super cute Smash Up expansion, BGGcon, free games, and so much more is happening this week!

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cypher title

Written Review – Cypher

Kae looks at Cypher, a micro game by David Short and published by AEG. Influence the fate of the Nexus and give control to whoever plays their cards right.

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livestock uprising

Video Review – Livestock Uprising

Step out onto the farmyard and choose your alliance. Fight for control of the farm in Livestock Uprising, and join Raine as he walks you through the gameplay of this fun game by Dog Might Games.

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