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Quick News Feb 21 – Feb 27

Thunderbirds, lots of Privateer Press releases, previews of Chewbacca in Imperial Assault, and so much more in this week’s Quick News.

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Walker Stalker Con

Walker Stalker Con – The Dead Invade Dallas on March 14th and 15th

The dead are descending upon Dallas, TX in just two weeks! Walker Stalker Con, a convention that celebrates the sci-fi horror world of The Walking Dead, is coming to the Dallas convention center in just two weeks!

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gm tip

D&D Releases 3rd Episode of DM Support Group

Wizards of the Coast presents help, support, and inspiration to the hard-working DM’s out there and offers some tips, laughs, and stories they can relate to in DM Support Group.

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Sheriff of Nottingham – If you love bluffing games, this is a must play!

Guest Post: Roll for Random Thoughts!

Changing game night to once a week has definitely put a dent in the amount of games I play now, but at least I’m still getting great plays in! This week was Sheriff of Nottingham and Robinson Crusoe!

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Hot Tin Roof cover

Written Review – Hot Tin Roof

Race across the city rooftops in Hot Tin Roof as you try and get your feline companions together to earn precious fish. Hoard your food and have the most by the end of the game to be the Top Cat in town, but beware of your hungry feline opponents!

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Written Review – Love Letter [Legend of the Five Rings Edition]

Love Letter invades the L5R universe, or the other way around. Either way, see what you can expect with the L5R Edition of Love Letter by AEG.

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Sellswords Cover

Written Review – Sellswords

Choose your color, choose your warriors, and send them to the battlefield carefully to gain influence over your opponents in this strategic card placement game from Level 99 Games! With gorgeous artwork and plenty of replayability, Sellswords packs a lot in a small package!

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Quick News Feb 14 – Feb 20

Meeples, delayed shipments, more Halo ship previews, and a Settlers of Catan movie/TV show. Read about these and more in this week’s Quick News!

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