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the opulent cover

Kickstarter Preview – The Opulent

Ever wondered what it was like to work in a speakeasy in the 1920’s? Now you can do just that and determine the success of your underground club during the prohibition in The Opulent, on Kickstarter now!

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pagoda cover

Written Review – Pagoda

Show off your architect skills by earning the most points as you build pagodas in honor of China’s Emperor! Pagoda is a 2 player tactical board game brought to the U.S. by AEG.

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Brendan MERCS Recon

The Five Play Review: Mercs Recon

Mercs: Recon is a cooperative adventure board game from the company that brought us Myth and the Mercs tabletop wargame. Strategy is quite important in this office dungeon-crawl, but is the game worth the long delay backers have put up with? Check out my thoughts in this Five Play Review!

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Knit-Wit Game

Z-Man Games Goes Into Multidistribution, New Trailer Revealed for Knit-Wit

F2Z announces that their whole line of published games – Plaid Hat, Z-Man, and more – will be going into multidistribution in the U.S. Also, a brand new trailer for the social game, Knit-Wit, has releases, showcasing just what the game’s all about!

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Obsidian’s Pathfinder Adventures App Launches March 29th

The wait has finally come to an end…Pathfinder Adventures comes to iPad and Android tablet devices at the end of March!

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Tavern Tales RPG Takes To Kickstarter

Bend the rules of RPG’s like you’ve never seen in an incredibly flexible system called Tavern Tales. This RPG that has been available online is looking to reach physical manifestation – check out the project!

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card caddy sizes and add ons

The Card Caddy Expands Sizes And Adds Accessories

Portable deck boxes, complete with discard trays, are up on Kickstarter in various sizes with some amazing stretch goals! Check out The Card Caddy and see if it could enhance your card game!

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Iron Kingdoms Widowers Wood

Privateer Press Announces Widower’s Wood, Coming to Kickstarter February 16th

Widower’s Wood is a new cooperative, 4-player adventure board game set in the Iron Kingdoms universe. Coming next month to Kickstarter, it will be second in the line of adventure board games, following The Undercity!

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Curse of Strahd - Cover Art

Journey Back to Ravenloft with Curse of Strahd for D&D 5th Edition

Grab your holy water and garlic for a trip back to the land of Barovia with Curse of Strahd, a new adventure just announced for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Take on the dark force known as Strahd von Zarovich and once again explore Castle Ravenloft!

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Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft – 30 plays, 13 scenarios…. 6 years to complete the campaign!

All Things D&D – An Intro to my Homebrew Campaign with D&D 5th Edition

For this new year I wanted to write columns that detail my gaming adventures, all with a plan that works. This time it’s all about Dungeons and Dragons 5th, and how my campaign got off to a surprisingly great start!

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Zpocalypse Cover

Video Review – Zpocalypse

Alright, so the zombie apocalypse is here. Of course you need to find food and protect the bunker, but the end is inevitable. With that thought in mind, take out as many of the undead as you can before you bite the bullet and control the top squad in Zpocalypse!

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dino hunt

Raising A Geekling : Part Five

In Part 5 of this ongoing series, Kae discusses playing Dino Hunt and Feed the Woozle, and has some words about handling disappointment when kids lose games.

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