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Quick News Oct 25 – Oct 31

Infinity RPG, Halloween Sales, new Commander cards, and a 1995 indie RPG revival? These and more in this week’s Quick News!

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Xia – Legends of a Drift System: A fantastic space exploration and exploitation game complete with close to 20 unique ships!

The Plan – Part 41: To Infinity & Beyond

Space-themed games are my go-to for this week, with two out of three games using said theme. I also got a game some consider ancient to the table and had a lot of fun!

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I : T Interviews Creator Of Spell Stealers

Kae asks Greg Santo some questions about his life in game design, specifically about Spell Stealers, and what is coming down the road. Take some time to read his answers and get some insight into the world behind Spell Stealers.

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pathfinder rpg occult adventures playtest

Next Paizo Playtest Is Here : Occult Adventures

Ever want to play in the Pathfinder world with the powers of the occult? You’ll be able to soon – build a character with the playtest of Occult Adventures and help Paizo publish the best product that they can.

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king's forge 2nd edition and expansion

King’s Forge Returns To Kickstarter With An Expansion And New Edition

Return to your anvil with the help of an apprentice to take your place as the head Forgemaster of the kingdom! Second edition of King’s Forge, as well as a new expansion, is up on Kickstarter now and needs your help!

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Quick News Oct 18 – Oct 24

Paizo sales, Once Upon A Time trading cards, Cthulhu skirmish games, and so much more in this week’s Quick News.

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clash fighter

Clash Fighter Brings Real Time Fighting To Tabletop

Ready, Set, Fight! In card game style that is. Bring real-time strategy to your table and build combos to take out your opponents! Clash Fighter is on Kickstarter until November 2nd.

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iron and ale king of the keg

Iron & Ale : King of the Keg Now On Kickstarter

The Meadhall is open for you to show off your dwarven prowess and climb your way to the throne and become King of the Keg. Table Forged, LLC launches the first expansion for Iron & Ale.

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