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Don’s 2014 Holiday Game Recommendations

Don shares his game gift recommendations for the 2014 holiday season!

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Quick News Dec 13 – Dec 19

DC Comics: Rivals – Batman vs The Joker, more Shadows of Esteren content, literal poop, and information on our site activity over the holidays in this week’s Quick News.

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Heroscape – A fantastic non-collectable miniature game that sadly is no longer in print.

Guest Post: The Plan – Part 48: Three More Columns!

Only three more columns and my Plan will have been completed! Two more games off the list this week, and they were a bit involved!

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Kae’s 2014 Holiday Game Recommendations

There isn’t much time left to buy gifts, but perhaps you are still looking for that perfect gift for your gaming friends. Or, possibly a game to get your friends exposed to the hobby! Here are my recommendations for some games that just might fit the bill this holiday season. Light Game – Cadwallon : […]

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Raine’s Christmas 2014 Game Recommendations

Wondering what to get your little gamers this holiday season? Looking for some suggestions that are purely awesome? Then look no further than my super sweet holiday gaming suggestions of 2014!

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Z-Man Games Happy Holidays 2014

Z-Man Games Updates/Releases for December 2014

Z-Man Games has released their December newsletter, and it’s got some goodies we can all hope to see in our stockings this year!

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Quick News Dec 6 – Dec 12

A horror RPG in which the sun no longer rises , more ways to get Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to the table, more Smash Up previews and more in this week’s Quick News!

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Space Hulk – My Copy was purchased off Ebay – the original miniatures and blips were sadly not included.

Guest Post: The Plan – Part 47 : The First Throw (Out!)

Space Hulk, Street Fighter Heroclix, and some Kickstarter discussion in this week’s Guest Post: The Plan!

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